The crowdtesting, usability and research company. Helping brands deliver great digital experiences to their customers – from web & mobile to IoT & beyond.




100 Pennsylvania Avenue, Suite 500
Framingham, MA 01701

Company Overview

Applause empowers companies of all sizes to deliver great digital experiences (DX) – across web, mobile and IoT as well as brick-and-mortar – spanning every customer touchpoint.

Applause delivers unmatched in-the-wild testing, user feedback and research solutions by utilizing its DX platform to manage communities around the world. This provides brands with the real-world insights they need to achieve omni-channel success across demographics, locations, devices and operating systems that match their user base. Thousands of companies – including Google, FOX, Best Buy, BMW, PayPal and Runkeeper – rely on Applause to ensure great digital experiences for their customers.

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Our Mission & Values

At Applause, we envision a world in which digital experiences are woven into every interaction people have with brands. Our solutions enable those experiences to delight users and deliver great commercial results.

Our values represent how we interact with our employees, our community, our partners, and our clients. Since the beginning, we’ve created a winning environment that encourages teamwork, innovation, and success in the market.

Applause Values


Applause is a place where people get ahead. In addition to great career growth, Applause offers its employees a place where hard work – and results – get recognized.

Nick Cole
Commercial Account Manager

I love the Applause Summer Outings. There isn’t a single time throughout the year that better brings the entire company together. The annual holiday party is also great. Awesome venue, food and band.

Mark Ragno
Lead Senior Business Development Representative

The best part about working at Applause is the entrepreneurial environment - not to mention the annual ping pong tournament!

Jessica Haywood
Corporate Controller

I love working at Applause because every day I know there will be something different to work on and learn from. It’s such a fast paced environment and there is never a dull moment.

Alex Viale
Product Manager

We impact almost every company I can name. We have a simply unbelievable customer list. Everybody works hard. We are growing and evolving together.






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