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Zaius Company Overview

Zaius was founded to assist B2C marketers to delight their customers at every interaction. Only Zaius combines the customer visibility of a CDP, the marketing outreach of an ESP, and data-science fueled analytics for deeper customer engagement. Within days our customers are seeing their customers in a whole new light including:

  1. First, we stitch together all your customer data, even the anonymous stuff, and serve up a full view of each customer; think about it as a CDP, without the cost and deployment.

  2. Then the platform automatically analyzes and visualizes fine-tuned segments of customers without any coding; we like to say we embedded a data scientist into the product.

  3. Finally, now that you have the full customer view and tailored segments, you can create and deploy multi-channel campaigns; think next-gen ESP that goes WAY beyond email.


Jobs at Zaius

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Were looking for a leader for our support team who is passionate about providing awesome customer experiences within an entrepreneurial and dynamic environment. As our Support Manager, youll interact directly with customers on a daily basis and contribute to developing initiatives to improve the customer experience while supporting and mentoring our amazing support engineers. This is an awesome opportunity to lead a team of support engineers who are excited about helping our customers work through their support concerns. You are: Empathetic: you can put yourself in a customers shoes and...
Customer Success

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At Zaius, I have the opportunity to work alongside smart, supportive, & solution focused-people who I genuinely enjoy being around. Being able to help position our customers for success, with a product I’m confident will change how marketers utilize data, is both fulfilling & exciting!

205 Portland Street, 6th Floor
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