51-100 employees
Series A

Zagster Company Overview

Zagster is a venture-backed, Cambridge, MA company that offers complete bicycle sharing programs for businesses, cities and universities.

Zagster plans, deploys and operates bicycle sharing programs designed to deliver fit, flexibility and return on investment. Zagster’s service model allows a scalable approach and eliminates high up-front investment costs. 

Zagster’s model is simple and unique. As a turnkey service provider, Zagster supplies everything: bicycles, stations, sharing technology, marketing, operations, maintenance, support, insurance and account management in order to deliver scalable bicycle sharing programs at consistent, predictable costs.  

Customers & Scale

Zagster is a trusted bicycle share provider with over 100 programs in 33 states. 

Customers include:

  • Cities such as Carmel, IN and Albuquerque, NM
  • Major universities including Yale, Purdue, Ohio State, Jackson State, California State East Bay and Duke;
  • More than 30 corporate campuses including General Motors, Quicken Loans, Samsung, Workday, Novartis and Ingersoll Rand;
  • More than 40 residential properties from New York City to California through partnerships with national real estate development companies, including three of the top 10.


25 First Street, Suite 104
Cambridge, MA 02141

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