November 2, 2016
[Working in Boston Tech] LogMeIn Simplifies Worldwide Connections
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Charles Telep, Director of Talent Acquisition

Founded in 2003, LogMeIn has brought their cloud-based solutions to millions of users worldwide. They have fueled the modern way of working – remote, efficient, mobile, productive. LogMeIn makes connections simply possible. When everything is connected, anything is possible. They are continuing to transform business and lives by helping build the “Internet of Things”.

I had a great time catching up with LogMeIn's Director of Talent Acquisition, Charles Telep. He sure had a lot to share about the awesome culture they have over there. Read on to hear all about the ins and outs. 

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Jill Gregoriou: Hiring the right talent is important to a thriving culture. You’re bringing a decade of talent acquisition experience to LogMeIn. How do you view LogMeIn’s culture and what qualities do you look for in potential candidates?

Charles Telep: Culture is key.  It’s both the foundation of the company and the glue that binds us together. At the very core, LogMeIn’s positive corporate culture keeps employees happy, and we have worked really hard to build it. We place an enormous amount of emphasis on vetting candidates for their cultural fit at LogMeIn.  As a result, we can hire people who share similar qualities – passion, lightheartedness, intellectual curiosity, for example – who may not have directly relevant work experience.  This is a big differentiator for LogMeIn which allows us to hire from a truly diverse pool of candidates.  We aren’t fixated on prior work experience, we want people who embody our spirit and values.

JG: What are LogMeIn’s core values?  

CT: We don’t cap “values” in a simple equation, but our culture is rooted in the company’s core values of delivering great products, enabling employee development, being transparent, supporting our local community and, most importantly, having fun. Walk around any one of our brick & beam buildings in our Boston HQ and you’ll see these values come to life.

JG: Is the team active and involved in the Boston tech community? Do you host or plan to host any events?

CT: We are very active in the Boston tech community. We participate in various local tech events and orgs such as Tech Jam, TechGen, MassTLC, and MITX. We also host a number of events in our offices including Node.js Meet Ups, Coder Dojo workshops, Clean Web Hackathon, SheStarts and She GeeksOut Networking Breakfasts and more.

JG: What types of activities are employees are involved in at or outside the office?

CT: Our employees are very proactive and have started a number of clubs here from a quarterly book club, photography club, run club, a basketball team and even a company-wide fitness competition. We also have an internal soccer team that participates in Boston Ski and Sports Club leagues year round.  Others have competed in marathons and cycling races all over the globe, are amateur craft brewers, and even some who are pretty intense at ping pong. Charity is another passion of our employees -- we have a lot of people participate in Mission Possible, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program to lend their time to various charitable groups in the area.

JG: What unique benefits/perks are offered to LogMeIn employees? What’s on tap or in your fridge?

CT: We offer a ton of unique benefits and perks at LogMeIn. In addition to our great benefits package, which includes a generous amount of PTO, including 11 company holidays, medical insurance, dental insurance, pet insurance, restricted stock units with a short vesting schedule, and tuition reimbursement, we have the cool stuff too!

Our employees can take full advantage of our roof deck and outdoor patio, in-door basketball court, two onsite gyms, and a great coffee bar staffed back full-time baristas. We also offer an internal study abroad program called Switch, which gives employees the opportunity to live and work for a month in a different LogMeIn office around the world.

Our weekly “Thirsty Thursday” happy hour is always a great time catch up with people you may not necessarily work with day-to-day and is nicely stocked with local brews from Jack’s Abby to Night Shift. For our employees who are not into craft beer, we offer an assortment of domestic light beers. Lastly our fridges are always stocked with soda, seltzer waters, Gatorade, and juices to suite your beverage needs.

JG: Finish this sentence: I love working at LogMeIn because…

“LogMeIn provides a unique corporate culture that fosters a friendly and personal atmosphere while presenting its employees with a professionally challenging and intellectually stimulating day-to-day experience. Over the past four years, working here has given me so many opportunities to collaborate with creative, energetic and interesting people in the legal and tech communities; it’s been a greatly fulfilling period in my career.”

Claire Bergen, Senior Associate Counsel

Karla Lemos, Senior User Services Representative

"What I love most about LogMeIn is that they take the time to develop my skills and knowledge to advance my career within the company. LogMeIn truly values people on a personal level, creating an environment where you don't want to leave."


“There are many things I love about my job but mainly it is the work environment, super friendly colleagues, the feeling of being a part of something bigger and the fact that I have flexibility when needed."

Palak Mehta, Senior Software Engineer



“I love working at LogMeIn because of the work-life flexibility, as well as the accessibility to resources to foster career growth.”

Mike Kirk, Account Executive


Jill Gregoriou is the Customer Success Manager at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter: @JillGregoriou