Wise Systems provides an AI-driven Dispatch and Routing software that helps our customers compete successfully in an increasingly dynamic world.

Using Machine Learning, Wise Systems automatically schedules, monitors, and adjusts routes in real time, ensuring the most efficient routes, and all while considering multiple variables and constraints. Wise Systems continuously learns from fleet data, helping optimize and improve fleet performance over time.

Serving numerous industries — food and beverage, business services and products, field service technicians for cable and utilities, 3PL and more — Wise Systems is proven to give management teams unparalleled visibility and control over operations, while helping drivers improve their on-time performance and account service. Wise Systems customers usually migrate from static routing systems or classic planning methods, using Wise Systems alongside their previous systems for dynamic routing, then rapidly implementing additional modules. 

Started out of MIT by a team with deep expertise in logistics, data science, machine learning, and design, the Wise Systems team has always shared a focus on solving mobility issues by understanding patterns. In fact, in the early days of the company, the founders spent more time asking for data than investment, but that turned out to be a very good decision.

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Teams at Wise Systems

Engineering - Data
Data is at the heart of what we do. Our team is driven to build new ways to use data to continuously improve our customers’ operations.

Customer Experience
We ensure the best customer experience for all of our users -- from dispatchers and drivers to fleet operations executives through onboarding, support, and user engagement. 

Offering the best user experience for everyone who uses the Wise Systems platform is paramount.

Engineering - Applications
We build the Wise Systems platform — the Wise Systems optimization engine, front end, back end and mobile applications — for our global customer base.  

We work with clients to understand their current and future goals, and identify the right routing solutions for their fleets.

We bring Wise Systems to prospective customers, partners and others — articulating the company’s market vision and working with customers to tell their stories.

We keep the trains running on time. (Okay, so we don’t really have trains, but we do keep things moving in a growing company.)

  • Values

At Wise Systems, we value working with smart people who are committed, driven, and solutions-oriented -- and humble, too. We have a culture where we support each other in day-to-day projects and in career development. And we strive to improve every single day. The work we’re doing is both challenging and rewarding, and working with a great team is one of the perks. 

We have a set of values that was defined in the early days of the company. They include: integrity, ambition, wisdom and initiative. We practice them every day -- in our work with clients and each other, and in building our team.