Wellist provides hospitals and healthcare clients with the insights, analytics and tools they need to address the whole patient and their unmet non-clinical and social needs. By connecting patients and caregivers to the support they need outside the hospital, Wellist helps improve patient satisfaction, compliance, and outcomes.


100 City Hall Plaza Suite 200
Boston, MA 02108

Company Overview

At the intersection of data-driven insights and human compassion, Wellist helps healthcare leaders meaningfully improve patient satisfaction, outcomes and loyalty. Wellist’s Integrated Patient Experience Solutions provide the tools to address actual human needs across the care continuum, combining proprietary technology, human services and unique data. Our solutions portfolio includes advisory services, digital health tools, in-hospital concierges and call center navigators, which are powered by a proprietary directory of patient support services.

In 2016, Wellist was recognized by MassTLC as the Most Innovative Technology of the Year – Healthcare, for our significant contribution in the area of Patient Data and Healthcare Insights. Wellist also received the Diversity Leadership Award: Startup from Rock Health for our commitment to hiring, supporting, and building diverse teams. 

Our story and mission:

We know first-hand how important it is to take care of yourself and your family when faced with changing health conditions. During major life events, the last thing you should need to worry about is how to get to the next appointment, who is going to watch the dog, or how to get a healthy meal on the table.   
That's why we created Wellist

We believe in the power of a simple idea: everyone deserves help when they're trying to get well. We believe that empathy, knowledge, and clarity can conquer complexity and uncertainty. We believe in connecting people to exactly what they need and not trying to overwhelm them with what they don't.

To us, they're not patients; they're friends who need understanding guidance and a generous dose of practical help. We believe that the best technology is built on a foundation of kindness.

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Do Good with Great People.

At Wellist, we're building tech solutions to help people focus on the important things, like their health, their friends, and their loved ones. This desire drives the mission of Wellist.

As a mission-oriented company, we share five important qualities that we call “REETA”. We are Refreshing, Empathetic, Empowering, Trustworthy, and Adaptable. We do our best to represent these values so we can give our community the support, respect, and compassion that everyone deserves. All this is done to make certain that you can live as comfortable and healthy a life as possible. 

A career at Wellist gives you

An educational and collaborative environment
Wellist provides a great environment to grow, teach, and excel, while working together as part of a cohesive and supportive team.

A clear and meaningful mission
Strong company values allow you to contribute to something truly meaningful to millions of people.

A chance to connect with the community
We regularly volunteer and work with local groups like Girl Develop It and Resilient Coders.

A diverse workplace
Work with a diverse and gender-balanced team.

An excellent health care plan
We practice what we preach.




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