VentureFizz is the leading employment branding and recruitment website focused on the tech industry.

Our audience is the best of the best. They are the top professionals in their job category and they count on VentureFizz to help discover the best jobs through our company pages, job postings, content, videos, and events. 

Our customers are the top startups and tech companies across the industry and they work with us to help communicate why they are an employer of choice.


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Our goal at VentureFizz is to humanize the job board by making the experience of finding a new opportunity an enjoyable experience. 

We obsess over our customers and job seekers and are constantly thinking about ways to help with the job discovery process.

We are a small, entrepreneurial, and nimble team, yet highly productive. 

We are constantly:

  • Learning 
  • Experimenting
  • Creating
  • Collaborating
  • Helping