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Universal Robots Company Overview

We believe that collaborative robotic technology can be used to benefit all aspects of task-based businesses – no matter what their size.

Our robot arms are advanced tools that can be used by all levels of production staff to help increase productivity, reduce injury, and boost morale. With a Universal Robots robot arm, you can automate and streamline repetitive or potentially unsafe processes, so staff can be assigned to jobs that provide them with new challenges.

We believe that the latest collaborative robot technology should be available to all businesses. The nominal investment cost is quickly recovered as our robotic arms have an average payback period of just six months.

We’re dedicated to making the world a better place, one robot at a time.

We’re Universal Robots.

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Be involved in a specialized, robotics operations company with highly qualified and motivated employees We are Universal Robots, the global leader in collaborative robotics. Through our pioneering cobot products, we are making automation possible for businesses of all sizes, all over the world. Join us, as a Global Competency Specialist, and you can help keep us at the forefront of our industry – and way ahead of the curve. Learning Technologist, Boston, MA, USA (one-year contract employment) Universal Robots Learning Technologist is a key...
Software Engineering/QA
Be involved in a specialized, robotics company with highly qualified and motivated employees We are Universal Robots, the global leader in collaborative robots. Through our pioneering cobot products, we are making automation possible for businesses of all sizes, all over the world. Join us, as a Head of SME Marketing, and you can help keep us at the forefront of our industry – and some way ahead of the curve. Head of SME Marketing - Boston area This very important role will lead the SME marketing team, and drive the inbound/outbound marketing...
Do you have what it takes, to run technically aggressive projects in the fascinating world of robotics for our new office in the Seaport area of Boston?  As our software project manager, you will play a vital role in creating the work culture across projects in our newly established Boston office in the seaport area. You will establish relationships with your team and stakeholders across all levels. By implementing your various project methodologies such as agile/scrum you will spearhead our teams to success. Your primary responsibilities would be to: Drive...
Software Engineering/QA
Do you have what it takes, to lead the technical strategy while being hands on in coding for market-leader in the Robotic industry? As our Software Architect, you will be the technical leader for our newly established Boson Office in the Seaport area. With your extensive knowledge you will play a large role in creating the overall strategy for our UI roll out as well as become the go to technical advisor/leader for the team. You will work with some of the most technically complex aspects of company and be given free range to experiment. Your primary...
Software Engineering/QA
Do you have what it takes, to balance Front-end Javascript projects while understanding the back-end of new technology in the world of robotics? As our future Sr. Software Engineer you will showcase your passion for high-quality interfaces that streamline complex interactions and help users around the world. You will play a large role in establishing the direction for UI at our Boston office and work closely with your team on developing an efficient cross segment work flow. You will develop your capabilities in full-stack to be able to actively engage in different...
Software Engineering/QA
Are you an expert in Java who wants to innovate and help grow the world of collaborate robots across the world? As principle software engineer, you will play a vital role in making robots easier to use and more accessible than ever before. You will help program robots, so they can work alongside people. You will be constantly innovating to match the innovative applications for our robots to some of the most important manufacturing issues facing businesses today. Roles and Responsibilities You will be part of a highly skilled Scrum-team made up of...
Software Engineering/QA
27 Wormwood St.
Boston, MA 02210
Energivej 25
Odense S, Denmark 5260


Our international team of hardware, software, and business professionals comes from all walks of life and is united by a common goal: sharing the world-changing benefits that robots can provide.

We offer a highly stimulating, dynamic environment with unlimited career potential – where you set your own level of success. You will be an essential part of a team that is focused on success, growth, development, and innovation. 

You’ll be part of Universal Robots.

Universal Robots is an innovative company with big ambitions. At UR, you’ll become part of a dynamic team that’s challenged to perform on a daily basis. We don’t just talk the talk - we walk the walk. We put ideas into action. You’ll be given professional sparring and support in our development-focused career paths.

The lion’s share of your time will be spent working in teams with open-minded, passionate and engaged colleagues that are doing what they love to do, in an environment where all ideas and creative solutions are welcome. We dare to do what others think is impossible and work towards making leading edge technologies a reality for business of all sizes.

You’ll be empowered to help make Universal Robots a success. At UR, you’ll be given responsibility and are allowed to take responsibility. We trust our employees to make educated decisions that benefit the organisation.


”At Universal Robots, you get to be part of a company that is a leading player in the global robotics market, yet still has the kind of freedom and pioneering spirit you usually only find at smaller companies. The start-up culture is definitely alive and kicking”  

Sr. Developer and Scrum Master

"We have the unique advantage of being a globally successful company with a highly motivated culture where we support each other. We have great freedom, and you are encouraged to pursue your ideas," 

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Whether you’re an automotive parts manufacturer, a Tier 1 supplier, or a vehicle OEM in a large automated plant, collaborative robots—or cobots—can help you increase productivity, improve product quality, reduce costs and boost profit margins so you can compete more effectively. Cobots can also help with today’s labor issues, making the working environment safer and more ergonomic and satisfying for employees, so you can boost retention rates and get higher value from your wo...
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