Toast empowers restaurants of all sizes to build great teams, increase revenue, improve operations, and delight guests.  

We pair our deep understanding of the restaurant industry with powerful cloud based software and restaurant-grade hardware to deliver an intuitive, all-in-one platform, across point of sale, guest marketing, digital ordering & delivery, and payroll & HR

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Our employees are at the core of everything we do, and our team aspires to make our workplace best in class.

Our team is invested in attracting, retaining, and growing top talent at Toast. Our employees are our secret ingredient in our recipe for success. Cultivating a people-centric, mission driven organization is no easy feat, and our team works cross-functionally to make Toast an inclusive, inviting, and exciting place to work. From benefits to training to onboarding, there is no shortage of opportunities to make an impact in our people operations functions.

  • Values
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Lead with Humility

We are a humble bunch and believe deep down that great ideas come from anywhere or anyone, regardless of tenure, title or background. Open and honest feedback is a gift to be acted on. Your opinion matters.

Embrace A Hospitality Mindset

Empathy is our default. We strive to make everyone, from employee, customer to partners, feel welcomed and included, because their success is our success. We are fiercely passionate about our community and the experience we deliver to power their success.

Always Be Hungry

We believe no problem is too big to solve if we remain hungry for innovation, growth and big ideas. We challenge the status-quo and take risks to help our community thrive. Our continuous curiosity drives our passion and holds us accountable to learning from our failures.

One Team

At Toast, we are one team. We love to win, and the only way we’ll get there is by solving problems together and sharing lessons along the way. As individuals we own our actions, have each other's back, respect one another, and embrace our differences.

Stay Toasty

We are inspired by the uniqueness we all bring to the table, and enjoy the time we spend together. Values drive the behaviors that strengthen our culture. And while we are serious about the work we do, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laughter is a secret ingredient to our success. Together, we are Toasters and this is our recipe to Stay Toasty.

Driven with Purpose

We deliver results with integrity. Challenging work is rewarding work, and getting things done requires determination and resiliency mixed with a healthy dose of fun. Toasters are creative problem-solvers who hold each other accountable to get the job done.

Supporting employees of all backgrounds, passions, and grains

We believe that the success of our business and our customers comes only with the success of our employees. We embrace the diversity of the restaurant industry by encouraging it within our company. Our employee resource groups, known as Toast Communities, were created to support, encourage, and empower employees from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Learn more about a few of our Toast Communities below. 

Breaking Bread

The mission of Breaking Bread is to support the professional development of Toasters identifying as People of Color (POC) through networking opportunities, collaborating with Allies and creating safe spaces to further community's success.

Complex Carbs

Our mission is to support the health and well-being of all Toasters. We increase awareness of mental health issues, destigmatize struggles related to mental health, and normalize conversations about our experiences. We advocate for our community through every channel available, including providing educational resources and influencing policy at Toast.


The Military-Vets group exists as a haven for Military Veterans to openly and safely communicate about our lives and past experiences, and to share best-practices on how to effectively use those experiences to enhance Toast, and meaningfully engage our non-military co-workers.


The LGBTQIA+ community at Toast is open to all - both community members and allies - who want to share experiences and stories, connect with other Toasters, and foster an open environment for discussion of relevant issues.


We believe that all Toasters need to be engaged and a part of the conversation in order to enact real change. theblend is a voluntary, educational group dedicated to active allyship** both in the toast community and beyond.
*The use of lowercase letters symbolizes a movement without hierarchy, and the lack of spacing highlights the importance of togetherness.
**Active Allyship invites us to question our perspectives and our community to create a more just and inclusive culture. It's a commitment to remaining aware of unintentional ways we cause injustice, and being willing to challenge our own beliefs and actions, and those of others.


We are a community of individuals who identify as female on a mission to empower each other in the workplace. We run a number of events, programs, and workshops tailored to helping our community develop the personal and professional skills needed to thrive.