Buying tires is complicated. We don’t think it needs to be. TireTutor is the first marketplace site for tires and automotive service and repair—we do for the tire industry what other marketplace sites have done for cars, homes, and travel. Our proprietary algorithm displays completely unbiased results and tire recommendations to consumers. TireTutor uses the data from its platform to power its backend dealer management software, helping local shops optimize their supply chain, improve their online presence, and close more business. 

We started TireTutor at MIT in 2017 because we believe there’s a better way to buy tires than calling around to different shops or having tires shipped to your house. We believe in digital, transparency, and supporting local, independent dealers. For years the small repair shop has struggled to compete in a digital world with large online retailers and big box stores. TireTutor is changing that. Today, we have 100+ dealers on our website in the Greater Boston area, and we are rapidly expanding to New England and beyond. 

At TireTutor, we’re building a (genuinely) diverse and inclusive culture from the ground up. It’s our belief that our team’s unique backgrounds and varying experiences better inform our company strategy, foster innovation and inspire meaningful collaboration. If you have the drive to be a part of a world-class team with a culture of empowerment, we’d love to hear from you. 


At Tiretutor, our achievements are made possible by fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration. We are a team of underdogs, of dreamers, and of people who believe that together, we can disrupt the tire and vehicle maintenance industry.

We prioritize potential and team fit over prior experience when hiring employees. Although our founder is certainly a car enthusiast, we believe you don’t need to know about tires or cars to work here. You simply need to be curious at heart and have a genuine passion for helping our tire-shoppers and small businesses. We’ll fill you in on the rest. 

For a small company, we have employees and contributors from all walks of life, located around the United States and overseas. TireTutor provides employees the flexibility to work from home on their own time and encourages autonomy regardless of title or position. We’re looking for the next underdog, the next dreamer, the next teammate who wants to disrupt the tire industry alongside our world-class team.