51 - 100 employees
Series B
eCommerce & Marketplaces

The Grommet Company Overview

The Grommet is the place to discover innovative products by Makers and small businesses and learn the stories behind each one. We launch intriguing new products that have been carefully selected by our team.
Our goal is to improve how the public learns about innovative consumer products and to help the best ones win. We’re changing the status quo, letting everyday people determine which products succeed rather than letting a few big retailers (e.g., Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, Walmart,) set the entire retail landscape.
We’re also changing the way people buy (both online and in brick and mortar stores) by helping them find products that align with their personal values so they can support principles with their purchases.
We discover unique products from around the world, vetting each one to ensure the business behind it is trustworthy. We get the story behind the business and provide our audience the full picture of each product, via a written story, video, and/or photography.

The Grommet’s headquarters are located in Somerville, Massachusetts outside of Davis Square. As part of making its new headquarters a home, The Grommet brought in multiple galleries of the products it has launched, workstations made of shipping pallets (like those used to ship the kinds of products we sell), antiques, and tools and technologies from various eras of manufacturing.

With a dynamic and lively work environment, The Grommet offers a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and learning, with exposure to the startup industry in Boston and an opportunity to learn through frequent information and expertise sharing, event-attendance, and presentations by our team members.


Jobs at The Grommet

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The Community Experience Team Analyst position is a member of the CET leadership team and helps ensure that The Grommet maintains our reputation as a provider of world-class customer service. The right candidate for this role will have a passion for unsurpassed customer service, a strong technical mindset an ability to easily think through processes and systems, and a strong desire to work on a small collaborative team. A bit about us:While most retailers only want you to buy what theyre selling, The Grommet is focused on helping people discover things worth buying. We shine a light on great...
Customer Success
The Grommet Wholesale is seeking a full-time Retailer Success Specialist, responsible for supporting and growing our retailer base by maintaining relationships with our tens of thousands of retailers across the country, both large and small. Youll join a rapidly growing start-up within a start-up, and as a small team, everyone wears several different hats and we expect you to be no different. This role is best suited for someone who loves every day being completely different, looks forward to leaving their mark on a fast growing team, bring forward new ways of thinking about challenges, and...
Sales & Business Development
A Maker is an inventor, designer and tinkerer. They are the people and companies who spawn new ideas that inspire and stir the imagination of consumers. In this role you will have direct contact with these Makers on a daily basis, allowing for a much deeper dive into an ever-growing array of businesses, as well as exposure to unique challenges. Each Associate is thoroughly trained to handle responsibilities and be prepared to contribute on cross-functional projects across the organization. Key Activities: Prepare Makers (our suppliers) and Products for launch onsite...
Customer Success
A Maker is an inventor, designer and tinkerer. They are the people and companies who spawn new ideas that inspire and stir the imagination of consumers. In this role you will have direct contact with these Makers on a daily basis, allowing for a much deeper dive into an ever-growing array of businesses, as well as exposure to unique challenges. Each Associate is thoroughly trained to handle responsibilities and be prepared to contribute on cross-functional projects across the organization. Key Activities: Prepare Makers and Products for launch onsite Capturing pertinent...
Customer Success
87 Elmwood Street
Somerville, MA 02144

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture?

We are very close as a company. Teams work closely with one another and through that work develop deep bonds. With all of the products launched that require testing, you're bound to end up in the cross-fire of a dog toy that shoots out tennis balls or a miniature drone mid-flight. Managers, including Jules and Joanne, have a constant open door policy and employees at any level are encouraged to voice thoughts and ideas. The result of all this is a group of people coming into the office ready to work their hardest not just for the company but for the person next to them. 

The Grommet culture

What’s the best way to get your foot in the door at The Grommet?

We want team players that have a great attitude and want to work hard, in an environment that is constantly changing. The best way to get an interview with us is to send a cover letter that tells us about you and your passions. The best way to get a job with The Grommet is to come prepared to the interview – know what we do and why it is important, and let us know how your contributions are going to help us achieve our goals. If you’ve got a great idea for a future Grommet, tell us about that too! 

What can someone expect during the interview process?

First round interviews are over the phone, generally with the hiring manager. From there, we bring in our top applicants to meet with as many people as possible at The Grommet. No worries, this isn’t to waste your time – we want to see how you interact with different types of people, even people here at The Grommet that you might not work with on a regular basis. In doing this, you can get a feel for what the office culture and environment is like, and we can be sure that our team members think you would fit in. The final interview is with either Jules or Joanne, depending on what the position we are hiring for is. 

The Grommet office tour

What can people expect over the course of their career at The Grommet?

You can expect to work hard and learn as much as you want to learn. There is huge opportunity for someone who says, ‘I see a problem, can I fix it?,’ even if it’s not your problem in the first place. Jules and Joanne, and the rest of the team, constantly takes advantage of teaching moments, sharing stories from their past experiences, or explaining why something we tried either worked really well, or didn’t work at all.  

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do together outside of the office?

We try to do as many events as a company and as a group of friends as we can. Past holiday party locations include Downeast Cider, the Vanderbuilt, and Black Rose. We've brought a team of 15 to the Build Entrepreneur Games two consecutive years, we have volunteered to cook dinner at a homeless shelter, and we have participated in a spruce-up of the Somerville Community Growing Center. We also frequently go to events around the area, such as Beer Fests, 5k’s, the Somerville theater, and random bars just because we want to hang out. 

The Grommet Entrepreneur Games

Are there any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about The Grommet or individuals that work there?

We give out a bloody knee award every quarter. This award came about after Jules took a spill at an event while accepting an award. As embarrassing as it was (and she is happy to tell the story), she got up, and kept smiling. After Jules’ event, the bloody knee was born to celebrate someone who has gone above and beyond, overcame a huge obstacle, etc. At the end of every quarter, our operating team meets and secretly decides who should get the award, and then the announcement is made at the next team meeting. Some of the recipients did things such as keep our marketing streamlined with 400% YOY revenue growth, built our entire wholesale launch in just a few months, and had a huge deal blow up after we popped the champagne. It’s always a secret until the last minute, but almost never a surprise as to who the winner is, and it keeps us all on our toes, knowing there’s a chance we could be the next bloody knee recipient.

Do you have any unique benefits or perks?

The Grommet regularly holds after work socials (including “Wine Wednesdays”), in-house education “Lunch & Learn” sessions, a day-long summer outing, and seasonal parties for all team members. The Grommet also offers in-house yoga classes, a running club, and various team sporting events. In addition, all team members are able to test new products that The Grommet’s Discovery Team are considering and a 30% discount on all products that it sells, perfect for yourself or for gifting family and friends.

What’s on tap or in your fridge?

It depends on who went to the ‘packie’ last! We always have some sort of wine, and an assortment of beers. We don’t have a draft yet, but we’re working on it!

Mike Lovett
Marketing Specialist

If you hate the idea of a dynamic workplace, a vibrant company culture, and fun, you'll hate The Grommet, but I digress. I wanted to work at The Grommet because it seemed like an opportunity where I would enjoy the work I did and meet people I would thoroughly enjoy working with. I was right. It's been a personal and professional jackpot.  

Marie-Eve Tremblay
Jr. Web Designer

I really care about The Grommet’s mission to put an end to faceless business and highlight the people behind the products. I love what I do. Every day I get to be creative and work with things I like the most: colors, layouts, typography, and beautiful imagery taken by our in-house photography team.


May 10, 2019
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I wrote a book. It's called "How We Make Stuff Now" and I've been asked by many why I wrote it. There are two simple reasons. First, to help the next generation of Makers learn from the last. Second, to claim the expertise and authority that we have worked so hard to assemble at Grommet.  There literally is no book like this on the market–not even close. "How We Make Stuff Now" is based on almost 11 years of hard-won knowledge and learnings about the product development landscape from seeing...
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