Dental care used to be just about your teeth. We make it about your entire wellbeing.

With doctors you love, technology that eases, and an environment that soothes, we turn every moment of your visit into a whole-you wellness experience.

Before, the best you could hope for was “You won’t feel a thing.” At Tend, we want you to feel something great.


Reimagining dentistry takes commitment, collaboration, and lots of creativity. These are the qualities we look for in our teammates, whether we’re hiring a dentist in one of our studios, an operations manager in NYC, or a software engineer in Nashville.

Our Values

Tend to others

Our members. Our team. Everyone.

Embrace our differences

They’re how we’ll form a more perfect tend.

Be brave enough to lead

And confident enough to fail and learn.

Savor the ride

Especially when it’s wild.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe diversity and inclusion are essential to our mission. Going to the dentist should be a great experience for everyone. And it will take everyone—across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience—to bring that to fruition.