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Superpedestrian Company Overview

Superpedestrian is a venture-backed company operating out of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded late 2012 by Assaf Biderman, Associate Director at MIT's Senseable City Lab, Superpedestrian develops products aimed at transforming mobility in urban areas and seeks new ways to connect people with their environment.

With an exclusive license to MIT's Copenhagen Wheel, we are bringing together design, robotics, and mobile technologies to provide new forms of human-powered mobility for cities. Ultimately, our vision is to offer an improved quality of living for everyone.

People at Superpedestrian are both thinkers and doers with a wide variety of backgrounds. They are analytical and artistic, conservative and uncoventional, methodical and whimsical. If you are creative and committed, and you like making things, you might belong on our team. You will be expected to challenge and be challenged, create and innovate. You must have a genuine passion for producing the best product experience, regardless of its kind.

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The software team at Superpedestrian works on the Copenhagen Wheel’s companion mobile apps, backends to support the rich wheel data we collect, a direct to consumer sales engine, manufacturing integration, research and support tools, and much more!  We’re a tight knit, industrious bunch and we are seeking a Senior Software Engineer to join the team. The ideal candidate has strong skills in backend development, optimizing algorithms and database structures, but can contribute on multiple levels. There are currently several opportunities open in the software team and we are...
Software Engineering/QA
The Superpedestrian mobile app is the gateway between the Copenhagen Wheel, Wheel owners, other riders and the city. We are seeking a UI / Graphic Designer who will be responsible for delivering and improving evocative and pixel-perfect design for Superpedestrian’s mobile and web experience. You should have a passion for elegant, well thought-out, user-centered design and be able to identify with the core elements that comprise Superpedestrian’s brand identity: utility, beauty, and the abstraction of complexity. What you'll do:  Design for users. Our product...
UX & Design
We are seeking a Sourcing Manager with global experience sourcing mechanical assemblies and custom parts.  You must be technical and hands-on, developing a qualified supply base to secure the best value for goods purchased.  Leveraging this supply base, you will partner with Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D, and Quality to identify the best sources for parts and assemblies in order to deliver qualified products to the manufacturing line. What you’ll do: IF YOU DON'T HAVE EXPERIENCE SOURCING PARTS AND SYSTEMS IN CHINA PLEASE STOP READING HERE.  THANKS! Be responsible for...
Our Product Management group is are seeking a highly motivated, experienced and enthusiastic Digital Product Manager to manage our Web Tools. In this role, you will be managing the Agile process for both internal and external design and development teams to deliver new features and necessary software tools that meet business and customer needs. What you’ll do: Identify and translate business requirements into user stories for development and design teams to implement. Maintain an appropriately prioritized backlog of user stories for implementation to...
Product Management
We are seeking a Software Tools Engineer who will be responsible for developing and maintaining software tools that interact with the Copenhagen Wheel’s embedded system and our cloud based API.  These tools will be for engineering development, manufacturing, and field service.  Also will include development of tools for R&D test activities that include custom developed testers encompassing motors, sensors, etc. that interact with our product.   What you’ll do: Develop and maintain manufacturing, engineering and support test tools for the Copenhagen Wheel...
Hardware Engineering
We continue to grow our Product Management group and are seeking a Product Manager for our e-bike share and fleet business. You will be developing cutting-edge fleet management tools and hardware for the most advanced mobility systems in the world. What you’ll do: Develop and communicate product specifications for both hardware and software teams to improve upon existing solutions and future offerings. Develop fleet and bike share roadmaps. Manage product development, testing and release planning on tight timelines. Develop, coordinate and ensure successful...
Product Management
We are seeking an IT professional to join the Copenhagen Wheel consumer software team. Don’t hesitate to apply if you only meet some of the nice to have qualifications, or if you feel you’re overqualified. This is a position where you will have the opportunity to shape your responsibilities based on the skills you bring to the table. What you’ll do: Lead a technical assistance program across Superpedestrian sites. Manage all desktop hardware and software, printing, and network hardware across Superpedestrian. Perform hardware repairs, upgrades and migrations. Support End...
Software Engineering/QA
84 Hamilton Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Life at Superpedestrian is about creating the magic that people feel while riding the Copenhagen Wheel. Whether you're a robotics engineer designing a real-time response system, a designer creating a beautiful object, or responsible for organizing ride events around the world, we work together.

You don’t have to be the world’s most obsessed cyclist but you do have to possess a strong love for cities and a desire to make them better. Our products make people go wow, and our commitment is to offer fun and compelling alternatives to driving a private car.

Why Is Working With Us Super?


We use the Copenhagen Wheel to ride to work and run errands every day. And because the Copenhagen Wheel fits most bicycles, you can choose the one to match your style. Road, 29er, Dutch, you name it.


Your job is about exploring the city, but some days you will be stuck at your desk. When you are, that desk is in a beautifully renovated warehouse with a courtyard in the heart of Cambridge.


We have got a lot to do and we tackle everything as a team. We thrive on mutual respect and commitment to allow the best ideas to flourish. That’s how we can make great product that change the world.


At Superpedestrian you will feel at home from day one with a team of fun, like-minded, driven people from across the top echelons of industry.


We are trying to change the world, and nobody said it was going to be easy. You will be expected to challenge and be challenged, but you will be invited to make your voice heard and help shape Superpedestrian’s future.


We offer a competitive compensation and equity package to rival the best, as well as choice from a wide range of insurance and retirement plans.


August 17, 2018
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August 16, 2018
Most of us have encountered a recumbent bike on the road with their weird, laid-back design, but maybe some of us haven't stopped to give them much thought. Unlike a traditional upright bicycle, the recumbent bike puts the rider in a laid-back reclining position, giving them that unique look that attracts so much attention on the road....
August 7, 2018
In the show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld describes how "Cars are indicative of what was important to the culture of their time." The 50s had thunderbirds with colorful pops of consumerism driving down the street, while the early 2000s had giant Escalades and Hummers guzzling gas down the highway. Each era seemed to have transportation that matched the feelings and the needs of the people living it.  ...
August 4, 2018
We love commuting by bike. It frees us from traffic, cuts out the cost of gas and provides us with a fun, practical form of exercise. It's the perfect form of transportation — good for the health of our bodies and the health of our planet....
August 2, 2018
We wanted to share the following important news with everyone....