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Applecart deploys proprietary technology to run smarter advertising campaigns.

We connected with Aryan Jabbari, Mobile Software Engineer, of Applecart's team to get an inside look at the company's day-to-day operations. 

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Quick Hit Company Details

  • Year Founded: 2013
  • Number of employees: 36
  • Industry: Technology

Can you share the details on what Applecart does?

Applecart has built and grown an in-house social graph that uses public data to map out real-world relationships.  It leverages that social graph in a direct-to-consumer application that I help develop.

So, you know how you’re always chatting with friends about amazing products that you’ve purchased from this and that company (say, Nike, Amazon, Uber, etc.)? Now imagine a world where you get paid for making these referrals.  THAT is what we do. We want to pay consumers and influencers for sharing the brands they love with the people they love.

What are your company’s core values or how would you best describe the culture and working environment at Applecart?

Two huge values that come to mind are trust and ownership.

We trust each other to do their work to the best of our abilities and are given a lot of freedom in doing so. Additionally, I know that all my coworkers are there to help me when I get stuck or talk through a problem when I get too close to the problem and get tunnel vision.

Developers here are given ownership of separate features in the app and are responsible for seeing that feature through to its finish. Whether it’s asking for help getting unblocked, doing research into deciding which tool is correct for the job or working on a quick proof-of-concept, we trust that our developers will own their work from front to back.

Both these values create an environment where all developers are proud of the work they do and actively share ideas with each other.  Engineering meetings are held weekly to share ideas where we can improve the application. Every Friday we’re allowed to work on a passion project that we believe can improve in-house workflow (perhaps automating tasks) or the consumer-facing application.

From a big picture point of view, what experience or traits do you typically look for when interviewing and hiring new employees into Applecart?

Passion is absolutely huge.

We want employees that are proud of their work and passionate about what they do. The things we’re all passionate about vary a bunch (animations, compilers, teaching, agile methodology) but we all have our passions.  As a matter of fact, it’s this variety of passions that makes Applecart such an amazing place to work at: there’s always something to learn from another person. Additionally, this passion manifests itself into the application in beautifully written code and design.

What’s the best way to get a job at Applecart?

We love personal projects and take them seriously. Make sure to have a working version of your personal project up on GitHub.  Additionally, take a look at our job board and feel free to apply!

What can someone expect during the interview process?

We ask interviewees to walk us through how they would implement a piece of functionality in our application. During the interview process, we expect some insight and conversation through the pros and cons of using one tool or technology over the other.

What can people expect over the course of their career at Applecart?

You can expect to work (and play!) with an amazing group of people. We certainly work hard to get things done but we also balance this work with out-of-office activities (such as laser tag, bowling and game nights).

Additionally, you can expect to learn from your peers at our lunch & learns, engineering meetings and book club gatherings. Personal growth is of great importance here at Applecart.

What types of activities are employees involved in at or outside the office?

During the week, we have game nights and book club meetings. On Friday nights, we have happy hour and partake in some Super Smash Bros. (Samus ftw!).

We have our share of team outings as well. Everything from lobster cruises, karaoke, laser tag and bowling.

Applecart is basically one giant family that works together.

Share one or more random fun facts

On one fateful Amazon Prime Day, our CEOs Matt and Sacha purchased an anatomically correct skeleton (I mean, how can you not? It was on sale). Karen (the name the skeleton ultimately ended up with) is now used in company pranks. She’s ended up in the women’s bathroom, the men’s bathroom and even works behind the desks of some offices when those employees are on vacation.

We love Karen at Applecart.

Rapid Fire Questions

What’s on tap?


Brooklyn Lagers

Bluepoint Toasted Lager

Star Wars or Star Trek? 

Star Wars

iPhone or Android?


Favorite employee perk?

Apart from the great “adult benefits” (401K, HSA, etc.), I have to go with Friday night happy hours.

What TV show or movie describes your culture? 

How cliche is it that the first TV show that comes to mind is Silicon Valley?

Wake up before the alarm or hit the snooze button?

Heh, I actually go sans alarm. 🤷‍♂️

What super hero could you see working at Applecart?

I see Captain America being proud of the work we do here.

What music is playing in your office?

Jimmy Buffett all day

Employee Testimonials

JP Ramassini Applecart

JP Ramassini, Mobile Engineer

“Working for Applecart has been a great formative experience for me. I began working here as an intern during the summer and decided to take time off from my undergrad studies for the opportunity to stay on full time with the company. I’ve gained lots of valuable hands on experiences and have great friends and mentors that I get to work with every day. The people you work with on a daily basis are fun to interact with, kind, and seriously capable in their fields across the board. I’m fortunate to learn from and work with the people I do.”

Stephanie Teesdale applecart

Stephanie Teesdale, Product Manager

“I’d been working to add elements of game design to a collectables app for several years when Applecart reached out to me about the possibility of bringing me onboard. I’m glad that I took the call! As I learned more about the company, I was drawn to the challenge of working on an early-stage product, the supportive nature of the team, and the conscientiousness that underlined everything from the hiring process to roadmapping. While it was a big move away from my former focus, I’m glad I made the leap— Applecart has a fantastic environment that not only surrounds people with the tools and talent they need to do their best work, but also highly encourages further professional development.”

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