August 27, 2018

NYC Tech - This Week's Must Attend Events (August 27 - August 30)

There's always something going on in NYC Tech! 

Here's our list of the must-attend events in NYC from August 27th to August 30th!

Monday, August 27

Droidcon NYC 2018
droidcon Global - droidcon NYC 2018 (August 27 - 28) 
8:00am - Brooklyn Expo Center, 72 Noble Street, Brooklyn

Yelp - Yelp NYC Summer Community Connection For Business Leaders & Marketers
5:30pm - Roof at Park South, 125 East 27th Street, New York

Tuesday, August 28

Forte Foundation
Forte Foundation - 2018 New York MBA Forté Forum for Women
6:00pm - Goldman, Sachs & Co., 200 West Street, New York

Wednesday, August 29

Dawn Hunter - Getting It Made - Crowdfunding Your Product   
6:00pm - WeWork, 575 Fifth Ave, New York

Entre, Down to Dash, and SharebertStartup and Influencer Mixer
6:00pm - SPACES, 230 Park Avenue, New York

Thursday, August 30

Quake Capital
Quake Capital - NYC Startup Job & Internship Fair
5:00pm - WeWork FiDi, 85 Broad Street, New York

Financial Freedom
Financial Freedom Education and Investor Community - NYC - Financial Freedom Investor Orientation / Learn the Insider Secrets of Savvy Real Estate Investors!!   
7:00pm - NYC - Financial Freedom Investor Orientation Register for Location, 5th Avenue, New York

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