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Namely: Product & Engineering — International Women’s Day Spotlight

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An equal world is an enabled world. And companies like Namely, #1 HR Software for mid-sized businesses, are working to build better, more equal workplaces for their clients—and for their own employees. 

Their focus on equality exceeds the trend seen in most tech companies—which are notoriously unequal, especially when it comes to STEM and technology roles. But Namely proudly notes that some of their technical teams have already reached gender parity, with the Product Team leading the way at 50% female. 

We sat down with Namely’s Audrey Tan, Director of Product Design, and Oana Tararache, Manager of Engineering, to discuss what equality means to them and what they’re doing to recognize International Women’s Day on March 8. 

Quick Hit Details

  • Year Founded: 2012
  • Industry: HR and Technology 
  • Number of employees: 400
  • Number of Product and Engineering employees: 81
  • Product and Engineering Team: 22% Female
  • Product Team: 50% Female

Can you share a summary of what Namely does?

Audrey & Oana: Namely was founded in 2012 to build an HR platform everyone would use every day: technology as easy to use as social media, but powerful enough to meet the complex demands facing today’s HR professionals. Namely is the first HR, payroll, and benefits platform employees actually love to use. People are at the center of everything we do—from our platform to our staff.

What is the culture like at Namely for a woman in Product and/or Engineering? 

Audrey & Oana: We are proud to say the Product and Engineering group has created a culture that is supportive of women at Namely—not just with words, but also with actions. We are deliberate in our hiring plans and act out inclusiveness in our day-to-day and team building activities, half of our product team is women! The culture is one where being a woman isn’t some impersonal identifier, but rather a part of someone's whole self at work. 

What kinds of programs and initiatives does Namely implement to promote inclusion and diversity?

Audrey & Oana: One of our favorite parts of our Namely experience is our participation in WomenIn—an employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to promoting gender equity in the workplace. The company-wide participation in WomenIn really says something about how much everyone, not just women, cares about being a company where women are empowered. Whenever WomenIn hosts events, whether it’s a guest speaker or a small group discussion, there’s a great turnout.  Also, leadership has played a big role in championing the success of WomenIn. Amy Roy, our Chief HR Officer, has been a really great addition to our executive team. Seeing the engagement, and having true buy-in from leadership—all if it has made us believe that companies actually CAN create workplaces that support advancement for diverse employees.

What else is Namely doing to promote career advancement for women in the workplace?

Audrey & Oana: Namely does a great job making sure women feel safe and heard. We have lively conversations in our #WomenIn Slack channel where we bring up ideas for events and ask each other tough questions about how being a woman shapes our experience as professionals. We also really focus on setting clear goals and expectations for our women leaders to make sure Namely can set them up for achieving the major milestones that can really shape a woman’s career path.

What about Namely attracted you to the product team, specifically? 

Audrey & Oana: We really believe in the mission at Namely: to create better workplaces. Since Namely creates HR software, Namely is in a unique position to help foster work environments that are naturally more inclusive and engaging. One of Namely’s most popular features is the Namely Feed where people who use our software can post announcements and appreciate others within the company. We’re currently using it to celebrate women at Namely, and we’ve had a ton of posts and submissions.

What excites you about your work? What are some of the different technologies and projects that the engineering and product teams get to work on and with?

Oana: I like that we use cutting edge technologies. I love that we work with an amazing group of people that strive to find the best solution to really hard problems. To top it off, we build a product that helps make workplaces better. My team brings visibility to our users’ data, and through analytics like the Diversity Dashboard, we help companies see how they can grow their workforce in a way that embraces all genders, ethnicities, and age groups.

Audrey: I like working in technology because it’s a perfect intersection of being creative and solving problems. As a designer, we get to build things, fix things, improve things—all to help real people have better experiences using our software. Also, as a leader, it’s been great to focus on building a positive team dynamic and seeing others do their best design work. We’ve made significant strides in our design system and in elevating the quality of our design output in the past year, and this is directly attributable to close collaboration the design team has had with product and engineering.

Namely envisions a workplace where every employee plays a role in fostering a fair and inclusive culture. The team works to empower, connect, and lead Namely employees to take grassroots action and be owners in advancing this mission. 

The Engineering team has worked to improve the gender ratio within tech at Namely, while remaining committed to hiring the best talent for the team. “We are really proud to have reached an equal ratio of women to men on our Front End Engineering team.” said Dan Certner, SVP of Engineering at Namely. “However, one team is not enough. In 2020, Namely will continue to find ways to create a more diverse workforce, especially in Engineering.”

Team Profiles

Lindsay Walker namely

Lindsay Walker, Software Engineer (Engineer II)

Why do you enjoy working at Namely?

I really like the engineering culture that Namely has built. High value is placed on code quality, testing, and taking the time to choose the right architecture. We're also given the opportunity to learn and invest in new technologies which keeps me excited. Equally important is that it's a very collaborative culture where all opinions are heard. Everyone is always willing to help each other and share ideas.


Rhiannon Lococo namely

Rhiannon Lococo, Sr. Product Manager 

Which Namely value are you and your team living every day? 

We live out the Namely values of ‘Drive’ and ‘Own’. We know the work we do every day impacts our colleagues and our clients, and we strive to deliver a quality product quickly. The relationships I’ve built across the company have given me great insight into what our biggest challenges are and we are determined to fix them as soon as we can. I feel personally accountable for our benefits platform, and there is no greater feeling that being able to make the lives of my colleagues and our clients easier.

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