October 17, 2018

Managed by Q Offers Help With Nearly All Aspects of Office Management

You’ve done it. You’ve finally received some funding for your startup and can now move into an office space. But, no one mentions the amount of work that goes into actually superintending a new office, such as cleaning, ordering supplies, and providing tech support services.

In this kind of situation, this is where Managed by Q comes in. Their software platform lends a helping hand to businesses of all sizes in the office management department.

The company’s VP of People, Maria Dunn, had a chance to talk to us about how they are adding assistance to companies that may need a helping hand in running their offices. She also went into detail on how they came up with their rather unique name.

Colin Barry [CB]: I’m a big fan of the phrase “origin story.” What are the origins behind Managed by Q?

Maria Dunn
Maria Dunn, VP of People at Managed by Q

Maria Dunn [MD]: Managed by Q was established after its co-founder, Dan Teran, had been working in the startup tech space in New York City for a few years. He had seen

dozens of talented entrepreneurs launch companies in neglected office spaces downtown and spend just as much time making the area a place that was inviting and productive as they were running their business. Dan saw an opportunity to make it easy for companies to run their offices and thought it would be exciting to be able to save them all of that time and energy so they could focus on building their business and culture.

To start, Managed by Q offered the most fundamental services companies needed to run an office––cleaning, maintenance, and supplies.

CB: After taking a look at the company’s website, it appears Managed by Q does quite a bit. Please explain what your company does. If is a software component of the business, explain how that works.

MD: The goal of Managed by Q is to help companies create inspiring offices that enable their teams to do their best work. We partner with operations teams to build, design, staff, and manage a space that uniquely fits their company’s needs so they can focus on building a culture and environment that fosters productivity.

At Managed by Q, we provide companies with the services they need to create the ideal office environment for their team. These services can include construction, interior design, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, IT, security, event support, and more.

Through our online dashboard, operations teams can connect with our curated network of the best local service providers in the area. We provide price transparency, reviews from office professionals, and service provider profiles so our users can save time sourcing vendors and make the best purchasing decision for their business.

The Q dashboard enables teams to instantly book urgent services, conduct an RFP for every project, and communicate directly with vendors through our messaging tool. All service providers invoice directly through our platform, so we provide consolidated billing for accounting teams.

Managed by Q Service Order

Managed by Q’s technology not only increases efficiencies in the workplace but also empowers communities and provides economic opportunity to small businesses. Through Q’s platform, our clients are able to build strong relationships with services providers in their community, while those vendors are able to work with larger commercial clients.

CB: Who are Managed by Q's typical clientele? Can you name some of the clients and are there any use cases that stand out to you?

MD: We work with thousands of companies across the country, from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 brands. Some of our clients include Casper, SeatGeek, Vox, Staples, Bark, Greenhouse, and more. I love hearing stories from our clients about how they’re able to focus on culture building and employee experience with the time we save them managing their physical office space––a lot of our users move up into HR and recruiting roles over time.

CB: How big is the team? Looking to hire any particular position in the upcoming months?

MD: We have more than 1,000 employees across five cities. About 800 of those are our client Operators, which are W2 employees of our first-party cleaning, maintenance, and administrative staffing business.

CB: What is the culture like at the Managed by Q offices?

MD: Managed by Q has a culture of continuous learning and transparency where we really support one another to do our best work.

We have an open floor plan space without any private offices so that everyone can collaborate, regardless of what team they’re on or their level of experience. We also have a library (with a strict no talking rule!) for employees to get away from the energy of the office and really focus. All new hires get to select one book that has inspired them to add to our book collection and share with their colleagues.

Managed by Q Co-Founder Dan Teran speaking with member of the Managed by Q team and other clients.

CB: Has your company participated in any trade shows/meetup events in the NYC tech sector? What about events outside of NYC?

MD: Yes, we’ve been very involved with the tech, HR, and real estate communities both in and outside of NYC in the past year. We’ve attended and sponsored HR Uncubed, Future of Work Summit, Culture Summit, TechDay LA, Ascent Conference, and several more.

CB: I’m always interested in how a startup came up with its name. How did Managed By Q get its name?

MD: The name Managed by Q was actually inspired by the character “Q” in the James Bond films. Q’s character gives Bond the tools and techniques that enable him to be the best secret service agent. We do the same thing for office operations teams––we give them the tools and technology to do their best work.

Colin Barry is an Editor & Staff Writer to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash

Images courtesy of Managed by Q