January 23, 2019

Lessonface: Great Music Teachers at Your Fingertips

Lessonface is a company that connects music students with teachers for live online lessons. The company was founded in 2012 by Claire Cunningham (also CEO), who I had the chance to connect with to learn more about how the team operates.

Tell me the story of how Lessonface was founded. What was the aha moment?

In 2012, video conferencing was becoming mainstream. Yet do-it-yourself lessons, especially with remote participants, are an interaction that benefits from a trusted intermediator for both sides, and we realized there wasn’t really a modern version of that in the market yet. The team has shifted over the past years with lots of very talented people being involved in the platform creation and development, and we currently have a really stellar engineering and musical team. 
For those who don't know, what does the company do? What is the problem you're trying to solve?
Lessonface connects music students with great teachers for live online lessons. Teachers bring their studios online using Lessonface, and students can find, book, and meet with a great teacher anywhere in the world in a huge and growing variety of instruments and disciplines. We’re helping the teachers and students connect for long-term instruction, with specialized and effective tools that help student and teacher success.
How has the company and platform evolved over time?
We’ve continued to build features that our users want, but the core product has remained much the same—a platform with booking, payment, scheduling, video conferencing, and lesson recording and retrieval. We’ve been growing steadily, doubling every year since launch. One impactful recent update was a subscription option for teachers to offer their students that we launched in August that seems to be working really well for everyone, and we’re very excited about that.
How big is the team? What are your hiring plans?
We are four staff members, with about six hundred active teachers. New hires for Q1 2019 will be community managers to help counsel and grow within certain subject matter areas. If a reader knows a community really well and wants to develop an online lessons market for it, please get in touch.
What comes next for the company?
We’ll keep growing, and are contemplating launching into some other subject matter areas. 
Any final thoughts?
Stay hungry stay foolish.
Lessonface Team
Members of the Lessonface team (Claire Cunningham pictured on right).

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