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Hysolate’s Focal Point on Isolation Gives Them an Edge Over Enterprise Data Breaches

It seems like every few months there is another company whose data has, unfortunately, been breached. And it shows that enterprise companies are going to act quicker and hyperfocus on strengthening its internal systems.

Hysolate is a NYC and Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity company that is taking a different approach to protecting data: cybersecurity isolation.

The company’s Co-Founder and COO Dan Dinnar spoke with us how the company’s OS isolation platform works for enterprise-wide cybersecurity infrastructures. In addition to that, Dinnar also talked about the company’s origins as part of a leading cybersecurity firm in Tel Aviv.

Colin Barry [CB]: Let’s talk about the history behind the company. What lead you and your co-founder team to start this company?

Dan Dinnar [DD]: Hysolate was founded as part of Team8, Israel’s leading cybersecurity think tank and

Dan Dinnar
Dan Dinnar, Co-Founder and COO at Hysolate

company creation foundry. During conversations with many CISOs and CIOs, we heard time and again that securing endpoints, or end-user devices is a notable challenge, and one that urgently needs to be solved. Regardless of the security tools the companies used, or how much they limited what employees could access with their devices, cyberattacks still happen, and user productivity suffers. Instead of trying to invent yet another endpoint security solution, we believed it was time to re-architect the endpoint so that it could ensure both security and full productivity to end users.

CB: Cybersecurity isolation? What is that and how is isolation helping the infrastructure of your clients?

DD: Isolation is a security technique used in different ways today to create completely separate computing environments to ensure that malware, viruses, exploits, etc. cannot spread or gain access to other areas. Some organizations create isolation by having an employee use multiple, separate physical machines for different types of work, others fully air gap machines to ensure top-grade security.

However, physical air gaps are costly, inefficient and frustrating for users, and straightforwardly isolating applications doesn’t protect corporate data. What we’re introducing with Hysolate is the ability to achieve full operating system isolation all within a single machine by seamlessly splitting endpoints into multiple segregated OS environments. This delivers the complete isolation needed for security, in a highly efficient, easy to use and productive way.

CB: After taking a look at the website, I am curious to know what the platform does and how it operates. How does the Hysolate platform work?

DD: With Hysolate, everything a user does runs in one of a few virtualized operating systems on their device, as determined by the company’s IT organization. Typically, one of the environments is reserved for sensitive work/documents, and the other is more open to the Internet and other resources. These operating systems run locally, side-by-side, with full separation, giving no single environment any control over the others. This enables the Hysolate platform to withstand even the most advanced cyber threats, including tomorrow’s zero-day vulnerabilities, and it frees users to access, install and work with whatever resources they need to be productive, without security constraints or putting the corporation’s crown jewels at risk.

Hysolate Platform Screenshot

CB: There have been way too many data breaches over the past few years. Why do you think certain organizations are unable to protect themselves?

DD: Attackers are getting stronger, faster, and using more advanced tools than ever before. And they’re overwhelmingly targeting end-users because they’re the weakest link in the corporate security chain. The truth is, no matter what security products organizations use to thwart these attacks, it’s impossible to stop them from happening. That’s why Hysolate takes a completely different approach than most security vendors. Because we assume cyberattacks can and will infiltrate, we focus on isolating attacks and ensuring they can’t do any damage to corporate data.

CB: What sets Hysolate apart from the others?

DD: We’re taking a whole new approach to the endpoint security challenge. Rather than layering detection and blocking tools on top of endpoints, we’re re-architecting the endpoint itself, transforming into an infrastructure that is productive, secure-by-design, and built to last. With Hysolate’s no-compromises approach, companies fully secure their devices and give users the freedom they need to be productive.

CB: Who are some of the clients of Hysolate and are there any use cases that have stood out to you?

DD: Our customers are some of the largest enterprises around the world from different sectors like finance, technology, service providers and others. They’re using Hysolate for a variety of use cases, including user productivity and privileged access.

CB: So, you’ve recently raised $18M? Congrats! What does the company plan on doing with their recently closed round?

DD: This round of funding is all about growth - growing our team, growing our platform capabilities, growing our brand, and continuing to grow our global customer base.

CB: NYC is a tech hub for all different industries. What is the cybersecurity sector like in NYC?

DD: Cybersecurity is growing in NYC and Hysolate is happy to be based in the city together with other Team8 companies like Illusive, Sygnia, and Claroty.

CB: Hysolate is one of the more interesting names I have heard for a startup...how did you come up with that name?

DD: Great question! We came up with this by looking at a number of different ways to describe what our technology does and the value it provides to our customers. We started with “Hypervisor Isolation,” which is the actual technology behind our solution. Then we thought “Hybrid Isolation” is a better way to describe how we combine different types of zones/environments. Taking it to the next level, we thought “Hyper-Isolation” reflects the fact that we’re doing isolation, on steroids. Eventually we ended up merging all of these concepts into one name “Hysolate,” which unintentionally is exactly what we do with our technology - merge multiple isolated OSes into a single device.

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