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7 New York Startups Come to MIT for the delta v Summer Accelerator Demo Day

This year, MIT expanded their delta v summer accelerator beyond the Cambridge university and into New York City. The program, led by founding Managing Director Carly Chase, featured seven teams launching businesses across several industries including FinTech, Cryptocurrency, Real Estate, and more.

On September 8, delta v had their MIT demo day, and the 20 Boston-area teams were joined by all 7 NYC teams, which accounted for a total of 103 entrepreneurs between both cities. Members from each of the 27 teams presented their startups on stage at the school’s Kresge Auditorium.

These are the New York teams that participated:


What They Do: A browser extension that acts as a news companion. Adds context for each news article you click on via a timeline of articles published on that subject, as well as Wikipedia summaries for key subjects detected in that article.

Key Entrepreneurs: Anum Hussain (MIT MBA ’18), Vivian Diep (MIT Media Lab MS ’15)



What They Do: Deliver customized skincare products to customers by matching said customers with personalized formulas. Powered by a machine learning-driven platform that also helps customers best understand their skin and track long-term skin health.

Key Entrepreneurs: Meghan Maupin (MIT MS Engineering and Management ’18), Sid Salvi (MIT Sloan MBA ’19)

Context Insights

What They Do: A “real-time decentralized intelligence platform for high-growth, data-poor environments,” Context Insights uses telecom infrastructure in developing countries to crowdsource data from local contributors for financial institutions, governments, and multinational corporations.

Key Entrepreneurs: Tarit Rao-Chakravorti (MIT Sloan MBA ’18), Tim Reed (MIT Sloan MBA ’18), Yao Li (MIT Sloan MBA ’18)

Floating Point Group

What They Do: A cryptocurrency liquidity solution that offers users the best prices to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Does this by aggregating multiple exchanges and using various proprietary order execution algorithms.

Key Entrepreneurs: John Peurifoy (MIT ’18 BS Physics and Computer Science), Kevin March (UMKC ’18 BS Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship), Van Phu (MIT ’18 BS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)


What They Do: A real-time video game multiplayer matching service that teams like-minded gamers together via artificial intelligence.

Key Entrepreneurs: Bjarke Felbo (MIT Media Lab MS ’18), Sanjay Guruprasad (MIT Media Lab MS ’18)


What They Do: A cloud-based mobile app for managing the construction change order process.

Key Entrepreneurs: Khalid David (MIT MBA ’19), Matt Emma (Virginia Tech ’09), Jake Snyder (University of Cincinnati ’01), Homam Meaddawi (MIT MBA ’19)


What They Do: Customizable insurance plans that insure customers as individuals—for everything (car, home, life, health, etc.)—rather than requiring multiple insurance products.

Key Entrepreneurs: Sam Barnsley (MIT Sloan Fellow ’18), Quentin Coolen (MIT Sloan Fellow ’18), Michael Li (MIT MBAn ’18)

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