February 27, 2019 Take Charge of Your Data

Founded in 2015, is a company that provides a building block for data analytics. I had the chance to chat with Co-Founder and CEO Karel Callens to discuss the story of how the company is founded, what they do, and more.

Tell me the story of how was started.

My co-founder and I previously worked as data visualization experts for a consulting firm. We were both convinced of the great potential that lies in data, but we felt a strong need for change within the field.

Karel Callens Co-Founder and CEO Karel Callens.

Data analysis projects typically ran on a long term. BI tools were expensive, and therefore only accessible for large corporates. What’s more, the decision makers that were most in need of insights, were often the least involved due to the complexity of tools and projects.

We felt the need for a self-service tool that is easy to employ for business people. On top of that, the market was clearly missing a tool that would scale data-driven insights beyond the internal use. If software vendors would be able to integrate dashboards into their own platform, insights would be unlocked in any field of business, on a mass scale.

So in 2015, we took matters into our own hands, and started developing a self-service platform for integrated analytics. We built an intuitive dashboard editor, in which anyone can create and integrate dashboards in an easy, fast and user-friendly way. Raw data turns into actionable insights in minutes, and most importantly, at a fraction of the cost of traditional BI platforms.

For those who don't know, what is How does it work?

In one sentence, is a building block for analytics. Our software platform offers ‘integrated analytics’: a fully white-labeled reporting module, to be embedded into your own software, customer portal or website. In that way, we allow our customers to offer valuable insights to their users or any other stakeholder.

Our intuitive dashboard editor lets you build interactive dashboards on any type of data, just with simple drag & drop movement. These ready-made dashboards can then be integrated into your own environment with just a short code snippet of less than 100 lines.

By integrating our dashboard module, our partners don’t have to worry about wasting time & money on in-house analytics development. Instead, they’ll have fully operational dashboards in no time, offering their end-customer the insights they truly need.

How has the company evolved over time?

From the start onwards, we knew dashboard integration was the way forward. We gradually developed the platform, starting with the dashboard editor. The first use cases of the platform were thus mostly focused on internal reporting, which gave us the chance to gradually develop our integration offering.

As our customer base grew, we saw that the market was ready for further automation of client-facing reporting. So we piloted our dashboard integration with a number of interested customers. After these successful pilots, and supported with seed funding by SmartFin, we further fine-tuned our dashboard integration for a full market launch.

Today, serves more than 150 customers in 14 countries with a fully white-labeled analytics integration. Integration partners can connect their API or database to connect data, they can re-use their authentication system to filter the data per user, and it doesn’t matter which technologies they are using.

Where does the company go next?

With successful integration cases across the US and the European market, we are continuously improving our integration features. By adding even more flexibility, we want to further reduce time-to-market, as we’ve already seen this happen successfully in the past.

Whereas today, we offer integrated analytics and a white-labeled environment for dashboard editing, we’re taking the first steps towards a fully integrated dashboard editor. All of these steps will further strengthen our position to become the industry-leading platform for integrated analytics.

How big is the team? Any positions you're looking to hire for in the coming months?

Over the past year, we’ve grown our team from 5 to 14 people. On the short term, we’re still looking for a sales executive profile.

Any last thoughts?

We’re thankful to be operating in such a vibrant field of business. Digitization in all industries has created a data-driven ecosystem, in which analytics is a top priority for any company. This gives us the opportunity to work in various industries, such as HR Tech, MarTech, Logistics, and many more.

Our platform helps SaaS companies to focus more on their core business, while not having to worry about analytics. With more similar partnerships in SaaS, and more development time spent on core applications, the SaaS market will continue to improve and deliver best-of-breed solutions. We really look forward to what the future will bring!

Alexander Culafi is Producer & Editor for VentureFizz. He also edits and produces The VentureFizz Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @culafia.