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Aqfer: Purpose built SaaS for today's Big Data Marketing Challenges

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Aqfer is purpose built SaaS to solve for today’s big data marketing challenges. The company's focus is helping Agencies, MSP’s, and Systems Integrators deliver on those business outcomes. They are pioneers in serverless computing for the Big Data Marketing Challenge.

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The Advertising and Marketing Industry is going through unprecedented change driven by an environment overrun with data complexity, a mandate for measurable ROI, and consumer expectations for a relevant, personalized experience on their terms.

Are you prepared for the next generation customer engagement ecosystem?

There are 4 key things that marketers, advertisers and publishers will need to get right. Wherever you are on your journey or your choice in platforms and partners, can you confidently check off the following must haves?

  1. Cost effectively ingest granular-level data, making it accessible to leverage for marketing campaigns and business analytics.
  2. Own its 1st party identity data and with an id graph that governs privacy, operating with data science at the core and with total control of the brand’s enterprise data.
  3. Able to activate against multiple providers in the Identity Resolution Marketplace by leveraging the brand’s 1st party identity graph.
  4. Built to be scalable, repeatable, and customizable, increasing agility and speed to market.

Enter Aqfer. Aqfer is a suite of SaaS tools purpose built to address the intersection of AdTech and Martech, dramatically improves performance and lowers the total cost of ownership for enterprise big data marketing solutions. Pioneers in serverless computing, Aqfer is a neutral solution and delivers an open platform environment rather than a proprietary suite of tools.

With predictable costs and faster, increased access to the data, Aqfer reduces cloud costs by 50%. Granular-level data ingestion enables brands to unlock pivotal insights for campaigns. Furthermore, data privacy compliance is at the core of Aqfer’s DNA.

The Aqfer services layer sits on top of big data architectures and enables a data centric marketing approach to leveraging state of the art applications at a fraction of the cost. The Aqfer suite has 4 modules that can be deployed independently to address a critical gap in your existing ecosystem or combined to provide the underlying scaffolding needed to facilitate the end-to-end big data advertising, marketing and measurement use case.

Aqfer’s data centric marketing architecture is a suite of SaaS tools that accelerates outcomes from best in-class marketing and advertising platforms.

Identity Resolution in a world without 3rd Party Cookies

Working between a browser and the Brand’s website, aqfer’s universal tag, API and graph technologies connects anonymous and authenticated activity in real-time and provides a cross-walk into 3rd party identity spines and data providers by matching their data within the aqfer real-time IDR to deliver valuable information needed to drive engagement.

About the

Founded in March 2018, Aqfer offers the next generation enterprise Marketing Data Platform that enables companies to get to the truth about their customers and their data. Aqfer is purpose-built SaaS to solve for today’s big data marketing challenges with a focus on helping Agencies, MSPs, and Systems Integrators deliver on those business outcomes. 

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