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Acceleprise NYC Demo Day Recap

Acceleprise is a SaaS accelerator that originated in Washington D.C. back in 2012. Since then, the program has expanded to San Francisco, New York, and Melbourne, Australia.

Yesterday, Acceleprise held a Demo Day for their first NYC cohort. The event also featured some companies from their recent San Francisco class. Ten companies, in all, pitched several investors from the area.

Below is a list of all the pitches from the different companies along with a summary provided, plus a quick hit explanation. Also, applications are now open for the next NYC program.  Click here to apply.

Refine(RE) Logo

Refine(RE) is a cloud-based platform for corporate real estate occupiers. They empower large enterprises to make smarter, better faster real estate decisions by delivering actionable analytics, real-time market intelligence, and a holistic portfolio view that incorporates traditionally siloed data. 

Upshot: Zillow for corporate real estate. Twelve customers already, including two of the Fortune 500. 

Refine(RE) Ryan Turner
Refine(RE) CEO - Ryan Turner

Mergeable Logo

Mergeable's Customer Evolution Platform accelerates the sales process and reduces churn for companies by enabling non-technical teams with API-level tracking to better manage and analyze their customer’s journey. Easily automate, measure, and deliver successful customer outcomes.

Upshot: Single view of a customer's journey. Two entrepreneurs (Sean Walter & Edward Czech) from the Boston area with a ton of relevant domain experience tackling an underserved sector.

edward czech mergeable
Mergeable CEO - Edward Czech

Sayge Logo

Sayge's is an HR platform that enables companies to attract, grow and retain more of the best employees by democratizing access to premium professional development coaching. Sayge has already worked with hundreds of employees at more than a dozen companies, inspiring them to maximize their potential. 93% of employees say that they’re better able to tackle their professional goals after just three months of working with a Sayge coach.

Upshot: Making personalized, one-on-one coaching available to the masses in the corporate world. Already working with twelve customers including a multi-year deal with BMW.

Sayge Jamie Bryan
Sayge CEO - Jamie Bryan

Groundwork Logo

Groundwork automates research interviews over voice and chat. Companies spend over $44.5B annually on research services like focus groups and telephone surveys. Groundwork lets brands deploy specialized bots to recruit, interview, and understand their target demographics. Compared to traditional research firms, Groundwork can cut down project length by over 75%, access niche demographics, and be managed entirely by in-house teams.

Upshot: Market research automation delivering results at a much faster rate with a self-service model.

Groundwork CEO - Julian De Ocampo

ZenSports Logo

ZenSports is a mobile app that utilizes cryptocurrency and blockchain to facilitate sports betting at all levels. With ZenSports' SPORT token, you can fund your sports betting account in a matter of minutes with no payment fees and have full confidence that your transactions are safe with our wallet. ZenSports also reduces traditional "vigs" (fees) for your winnings, and can even facilitate micro-betting within its peer-to-peer network through its use of smart contracts and state channels.

Upshot: Serial entrepreneur with a recent pivot to take advantage of the Supreme Court's decision to legalize sports betting in the US, which is going to be a massive opportunity. 

ZenSports Mark Thomas
ZenSports CEO - Mark Thomas

Adistry Logo

Adistry is the platform for media organizations and events to directly sell sponsorships and advertising. We help internal sales teams automate time consuming tasks and focus on expanding their advertiser base. Our new subscription planning tool allows publishers to convert one-time customers to more lucrative ongoing relationships. 

Upshot: Helping media publishers monetize in a variety of ways by streamlining the process of ad sales and making it a touchless solution.

Adistry Meghan Larson
Adistry CEO - Meghan Larson

Hopthru logo

Hopthru is a mobile application that allows transit providers to easily sell and validate tickets at scale without developing an app of their own. Hopthru also provides ridership data to its clients to enable them to make better decisions. 

Upshot: Bringing mobile technology and a unified solution to the transit industry. Already working with customers on the west coast.

Hopthru Cole Calhoun
Hopthru CEO - Cole Calhoun

Agora Logo

Agora automates the process of extracting actionable product insights from customer support conversations - because companies today are drowning in customer messages but starving for product insights. Agora integrates with support channels to surface actionable insights from existing customer conversations, automatically. We help companies shorten product discovery cycles by up to 19X, while boosting productivity by 34%.

Upshot: Significantly reduces a manual process which takes weeks down to hours. The idea behind the company was generated while Elsa Sze was at HBS. Akamai is a customer.

Agora Elsa Sze
Agora CEO - Elsa Sze

Bid Ops Logo

Bid Ops automates negotiations for enterprise procurement. Used by Fortune 100 strategic sourcing teams to drive an average 23% savings on $4M+ contract negotiations. Bid Ops enables contract teams to source, request, compare and negotiate with 10x the vendors 100x faster than legacy workflows. Trusted today by companies and public agencies that spend $54.5B on procurement of goods & services. 

Upshot: Disrupting in an underserved area of procurement. Automating the negotiation process for bid at major companies, which is costly in itself and time consuming

Bid Ops Edmund Zagorin
Bid Ops CEO - Edmund Zagorin

Mineful logo

The Mineful Payment framework is an alternative monetization platform that gives software developers the ability to offer users an option to pay with their computer's idle CPU & GPU HashPower by solving cryptographic algorithms that generate digital currency. Mineful allows developers to implement a re-engagement strategy that decreases churn & improves conversion, in some cases at a discount to the end user, however, this strategy is especially powerful when a publisher CPA is high.

Upshot: Creating a new category for monetizing apps.

Mineful CEO
Mineful CEO - Zach Pelka

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.