10 DrinkTech Companies to Watch for in NYC - Bottoms Up! banner image

10 DrinkTech Companies to Watch for in NYC - Bottoms Up!

The first time I ever stepped foot in New York City, I couldn’t get over the massive amount of, well, stuff; the lights of Times Square, the shops, and of course the bar and nightlife scene.

For anyone who has gone out drinking in the Big Apple, and seeing how massive it is in the city, it may come as no surprise that startups are looking to get involved in that market. Whether they are trying to deliver alcohol or make a night out with friends that much better, there is a growing cluster of tech companies involved with drinking. DrinkTech if you will.

We’ve compiled a list focusing on a handful of startups within this rather particular space. Keep in mind this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather a sampling of what kinds of startups are in this sector. Check it out!

Also, we advise any users to use these apps and services responsibly.


Thirstie is an eCommerce solution for liquor brands that help them grow their brand and create a robust experience for their customers. With more and more alcohol brands going the eCommerce route, Thirstie’s platform can help them break into that world.


Minibar is an on-demand alcohol delivery service that initially started in NYC, but now serves 30+ cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston. Minibar will connect users with their local liquor store and they can make a selection on all kinds of wines and spirits.


How many bars are in NYC? Answer: A LOT!

Hooch is a subscription-based app for smartphones that helps its users find their new favorite nightlife hotspot...but also offers free drinks from select locations. Also, Hooch might be one of the few alcohol-oriented tech companies that are getting involved with blockchain with their Tap Coin.



Swill is another alcohol delivery service in NYC, but, as of this writing, their focus is less national and more local. The startup has exclusively partnered up with New York-based liquor distributors and retailers.



SevenFifty’s platform is helping to create an effective alcohol supply chain. The company helps liquor retailers, producers, distributors, and importers to do business with one another for their respective area.


VinePair is a social networking platform where any social drinkers can share their favorite beer or wine, what kinds of foods go great with what, and even read some alcohol-related news.


There’s nothing wrong with trying new liquor brands. Drinkeasy is a SMS platform that will periodically send users a message with a bottle recommendation and where they can buy it. A user can also respond to the text messages with requests to send particular bottles.

Public House

Boxed wine often gets a bad rap, and the NYC startup Public House knows that. They are creating their own brand of boxed wine and are looking to change the way people look at it.


If you’re planning some kind of a party in NYC and want it to be at a specific place, then DrinkLynk is an event-planning app for you. All users have to do is answer a set of questions and the app will find them the ideal place to celebrate whatever the occasion.



One the surface, Caskers appears to be another “alcohol delivery startup” similar to the previously mentioned Minibar and Swill. However, Caskers’ biggest differentiator is its Club system. For a monthly fee, Caskers will send a few premium bottles of different kinds of spirits. And what they sell isn’t the cheap stuff either!

Colin Barry is an Editor & Staff Writer to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash