September 24, 2012

Zoora Relaunches as Bow & Drape with Kickstarter Campaign

week, Boston-based apparel company Zoora announced its
relaunch as Bow & Drape, an ecommerce
brand that will allow users to customize dresses based on six core dresses and
separates. Bow & Drape has launched a Kickstarter

with the goal of raising $30,000 to fund its final pre-production samples.

of Bow & Drape’s garments will be made in the garment districts of Boston
or New York City, which Founder & CEO Aubrie
Pagano says, “speaks a lot to the quality of what we make. We take a lot
of pride that they’re made here.”

& Drape’s user experience will draw on some of the lessons Pagano and her
team gleaned from Zoora. “We really tried to create this delightful shopping
experience where someone can be a part of the dress-making process,” she says.
“It’s in a lot of the details of what we’re doing, everything from the videos
that we have where we show you our factory in NYC to the little surprises that we
have in our boxes when your dress arrives. We’ve tired to incorporate some of
those finer details that we couldn’t in Zoora.”

says they also “took analytical feedback as far as how people want to interact
with customizing garments and also what the right customer is to go after.”

Zoora targeted young women with a contemporary style, Bow & Drape is
designed for more mature and sophisticated shoppers. “[With Zoora] we learned
that there’s a crop of more sophisticated women out there who don’t want
contemporary clothes,” adds Pagano. “They’d say to us, ‘if your dresses were a
little bit longer, I would buy one of everything’ or ‘I’m a mother of the
bride, I need something simple and classic.’ They inspired the new collection.”

describes her ideal shopper as  “someone
who’s sophisticated enough to know what they want or don’t want.” The items
that make up Bow & Drape’s debut collection were designed by NBC Fashion
contestant Sarah Parrott. “She’s sort of validated in the
marketplace as somebody who knows how to make beautiful things,” adds Pagano.
“They’re beautiful and people can cocreate off them.”

Bow & Drape’s photorealistc online platform, users will be able to
customize items by choosing from a variety of fabrics, trims, sleeves, and
other options for more than 3,000 unique combinations, which pieces starting
under $200 each. In addition to the Kickstarter campaign, Pagano says they’re
looking into a friends and family round for additional funding.

Susan Johnston is a journalist and contributor to VentureFizz.  You can follow Susan on Twitter (@UrbanMuseWriter) by clicking here.