September 16, 2012

Yottaa revs up web accelerator product

Boston startup Yottaa has released the first major overhaul to its product -- the second generation of its website optimization-via-the-cloud service, aimed at giving businesses' websites speed and security on par with behemoths like Google and Facebook.

Yottaa has upgraded its Optimizer service to include more flexibility for improving website performance, without customers needing to hire an engineering team. The service, starting at $49 per month, can be up and running in a few minutes, without installing software or changing code.

“The goal is to make performance really easy and straightforward,” said Yottaa CEO Coach Wei. "Test, analyze, optimize -- we automate all these. Even Facebook, they test, itemize and optimize, but it’s all manual.”

Yottaa, which Wei says is used by "tens of thousands" of websites, has also upgraded its Site Monitor service, which can help businesses minimize service disruptions using analytics from about 15 different locations worldwide.

“We built a global testing network with tons of different locations in all different browsers,” he said. “That’s how our customers can do tests and figure out real world performance.”

Yottaa moved to new offices near South Station in Boston last year from Cambridge. The company has 20 employees in Boston, with another 30 in Beijing.

“The commute is awesome for our employees, we have people coming in from the North Shore and Natick,” he said. "I always used to drive, but it's been a fun change."

The company is growing incrementally, Wei said, hiring in marketing and sales, and some engineering. Yottaa has been searching for a marketing manager with web analytics experience for four or five months, he said.

“You would think there would be a lot of people in the market, but there aren’t,” he said.

Last week, the company won MassTLC's award for Innovative Technology of the Year - Cloud, beating out Acquia, Active Endpoints, Basho Technologies and TraceLink.

“We’re very proud, very excited, very humbled,” Wei said. “There were great companies nominated.”

Brendan Lynch is a journalist and contributor to VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter (@bmolynch) by clicking here.