March 3, 2015

Working In Boston Tech: Sonian

There are a lot of amazing technology companies in and around Boston. Many of them are hiring like crazy! 

On our BIZZpages alone there are about 100 Boston area tech companies actively recruiting the best talent around. These companies are awesome and we want to help them show off what it's like to be a part of the team and the process a potential employee goes through to get there. 

Today, we hear from the team at Sonian based in Dedham, MA.

An early innovator in cloud-based archiving, Sonian preserves, protects and presents the world’s information. More than 19,000 customers in 40 countries trust Sonian’s secure proprietary SaaS platform and cloud search engine to retain and retrieve valuable data and protect intellectual property. Sonian manages more than 20 billion objects in the cloud; every day, 17 million new documents are uploaded to Sonian’s email archive, which is integrated with the world’s 5 largest public clouds.

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture? 

We believe in a collaborative work environment. Our office is very open and we encourage all employees to engage with their peers. Having a partially remote development team, we are mindful of making them feel “present” in our office even when they are not here. We have large monitors in every space so that we can easily engage with our remote team. Once a quarter our development teams meet for a Meetup either in our office or in the hometown of a team member. Twice a year we do a large scale company Meetup where we have fun group activities and get to collaborate while all together. 

To keep things interesting in the office we do monthly “Wine & Cheese” parties. They sound fancy, but really it is just an excuse to get delicious food and drinks catered!

                           Sonian, VentureFizz Sonian. VentureFizz

What’s the best way to get a job at Sonian? 

We are always looking for innovative people who will challenge the status quo. If you are interested in working at Sonian we like to see samples of your work along with your resume. We take candidates through a interview process that includes a presentation of their skills or portfolio so we can learn about them and their work style.


What can someone expect during the interview process? 

A candidate can expect a highly collaborative interview process. We like to have candidates present their work or complete a challenge and then explain their thought process to the team. We like to get to know the person we are interviewing to see if they will align with our values and if we align with theirs.


What can people expect over the course of their career at Sonian? 

We believe in career development. Sonian encourages employees to enhance their knowledge base by attending seminars and courses that can better their skills. All employees are on a Scrum team so there is continuous rapid feedback. We strive to be agile!


Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office? 

We have done quite a bit of bowling together and it gets very competitive. We have also done F1 Racing, paint balling and a boat trip in Boston Harbor. We are always up for an adventure!

                             Sonian. VentureFizz.

Do you have any unique benefits or perks?  

We have fantastic benefits! We have a supplemental plan to our health plan that covers everything so we only pay co-pays! In addition to that we have a 401(k) plan, stock options and unlimited vacation!


What’s on tap or in your fridge? 

In addition to our fully-stocked kitchen, we have a beer and wine fridge that stocks an assortment of beers anywhere from craft beer to Bud Light. Our CFO is a Bud Light fan, so we always have plenty on hand :)

          Sonian. VentureFizz

* Learn more about Sonian and check out their latest Job Openings on their VentureFizz BIZZpage!

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