June 23, 2015

Working In Boston Tech: SmartBear Software

There are a lot of amazing technology companies in and around Boston. Many of them are hiring like crazy! 

On our BIZZpages alone there are about 150 Boston area tech companies actively recruiting the best talent around. These companies are awesome and we want to help them show off what it's like to be a part of the team and the process a potential employee goes through to get there. 

Today, we hear from the team at SmartBear Software! Based in Somerville, SmartBear Software is the leader in software quality tools for The Connected World. With tools for collaborative development, functional testing, performance testing, and performance monitoring across APIs, mobile, web and desktop, SmartBear helps software teams create the world’s greatest apps and APIs by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle, from the first line of code, to live in production, and every test in between.

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture? 

At SmartBear, we strive to create an environment that supports and rewards excellence, honesty, mutual support and meaningful work, where people expect more from themselves and their colleagues, get great results and are treated well.  This culture is driven from the C-suite on down.

The SmartBear Culture goes beyond just “perks.” Sure, we have a ping-pong table in the break room, fresh fruit to start the day, Taco Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday to keep the creative juices flowing. But these fun benefits are not at the core of our great culture. We strive to attract the best talent and create excellent products and services, all while figuring out how to do it better, faster and smarter than the rest. 

SmartBears are particularly proud of the products we develop and sell. More than three million of the best developers, testers and operations teams use our products to deliver the world’s best applications. And in the process of creating and selling these awesome software tools, we have the opportunity to work with fantastic people who aren't afraid to work hard and have fun doing it. 



What’s the best way to get a job at SmartBear Software?

Our managers are extremely engaged in the hiring process. They continually look for great talent and are checking the applicant pool daily. We encourage candidates who are interested in working at SmartBear to apply online to the SmartBear Career page or visit our VentureFizz BIZZpage

If you know someone who is currently an employee at SmartBear, the Employee Referral Program is also a great Segway to SmartBear job opportunities. We believe our employees are the best Brand Ambassadors to great talent. Thus, our Employee Referral Program is very active – 50 percent of our hires come through referrals. 

Or, perhaps you don’t work for SmartBear, but know someone who would be a great fit. Our External Referral Program allows you to refer a candidate and if hired, you are eligible to receive a $2500 referral bonus.  Check out the terms and conditions:


What can someone expect during the interview process?

We understand that the candidate’s time is just as important as the hiring manager’s time.  We strive to move the interview process along.  We review applications daily. Typically, if there is a match, we start with a phone screen. If a mutual interest is determined, the candidate is asked to come in for a face-to-face interview. The candidate gets to tour of our awesome office at the new Assembly Row campus in Somerville, Massachusetts, interviews with the hiring manager and possibly other team members, and receives an in-depth perspective on the job and the company. Basically, they get to know us and we get to know them.  Depending on the number of qualified candidates, they may be asked to return for a final round of interview(s) and possibly meet with a senior leader of the organization.  If they’re the right candidate, a decision is usually made within one to two weeks.


What can people expect over the course of their career at SmartBear Software?

SmartBear’s strong culture exists to support meaningful work.  Our employees like to solve problems, improve skills and make breakthroughs. The SmartBear Attitude is, "If You See a Problem, Fix It." SmartBears are fully engaged and fully empowered to make things happen. There is rarely a boring day, much less a boring project.

In parallel, the substantive growth of SmartBear generates substantive opportunities for our employees.  We pay particular time and attention to the people we hire and thus, continually look for ways to match our employees’ skills and passions with the organization’s needs.  We accomplish this through our continuous feedback process between the employee and the manager, observation of the work that needs to get done and conversation amongst the leaders.  We converse with the employee to find out what he or she is interested in learning and doing, and how he or she would like to see his or her career unfold. We observe what the employee excels at. We communicate with other managers and leaders to find out about new initiatives or projects that might need these skill sets.  


Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office? 

SmartBear has various sports teams including kickball, ice hockey, rugby and soccer. We have an internal volunteer committee – “The Boston Party People” – whose mission is to plan fun events for SmartBear employees. Annual company events include Scavenger Hunt, Holiday Party, Halloween Costume Contest & Party and Red Sox Opening Day Party.


Are there any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about SmartBear or individuals that work there?

FUN FACT: A SmartBear tool was downloaded every 15 seconds for the entire year in 2014. Also, SmartBear’s SoapUI, the most popular API testing tool in the world, was developed by SmartBear CTO Ole Lensmar, who originally built the tool for his own use to help with testing web services while working as an architect on an integration project in Stockholm, Sweden in the early 2000s. Ole later shared his “hobby project” with the open source community on sourcefourge, where it has since been downloaded over seven million times. Also in the office,  we have an office Robot named S2B2 that all SB global employees have access to drive around our Assembly Row headquarters from any device from anywhere in the world. Among the many talented people at SmartBear, we currently have working with us – 2 former Naval officers, a published horror author, an ex-Broadway musician, two ex - semi-professional athletes (soccer and Rugby), a former nationally recognized opera star and a former English teacher who taught in Thailand.


What TV or movie would best describe the working environment and employees at SmartBear?

Star Wars comes to mind— futuristic setting, fighting alongside a very skilled and well-trained Jedi-like team, and with our office robot, S2B2, of course.  Working at SmartBear is a bit like working at the Death Star if it had been captured by the rebel army and re-imagined with the start-up vibes/mentality of HBO’s Silicon Valley, and the Google-esque work environment of The Internship Starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.


Do you have any unique benefits or perks? 

SmartBear has exceptional benefits and perks, including:

  • City Office Locations – Pre-tax commuter benefits, beautiful city views at Assembly Row Headquarters
  • Game Room – ping-pong, putting green, corn hole and more
  • Good Eats – coffee, drinks, healthy and sweet snacks
  • Health Benefits – Full dental, vision, medical care; Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Healthy Living – choice of athletic footwear or fitness reimbursement
  • Compensation – competitive salaries, 401(k) match, annual bonus plan.
  • Time Off – paid vacation and 11 holidays and a community service day
  • Company Events – Holiday parties, team outings, contests, scavenger hunt
  • Career Growth – trainings, certifications, networking opportunities, international exposure


What’s on tap or in your fridge?

The variety depends on the time of year (and how thirsty we were the prior Thursday) but there is always something good on tap (and usually a leftover bottle of champagne or two from our latest and greatest product release party). Right now, we’ve got Harpoon IPA, Dogfishhead IPA, Sam Adams Summer Ale, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Yuengling, Miller High Life, Bud Light, Angry Orchard, SmuttyNose Brown Ale, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. We also have water (sparkling or spring), juice and every flavor of coffee and tea under the java sun!


* Be sure to check out SmartBear Software's BIZZpage for updated info, photos, social feeds, job listings and a lot more!


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