March 22, 2017

Working in Boston Tech: LoadSpring

Crystal Gosa, Director of Human Resources

LoadSpring is a leading provider of cloud based project management solutions.  The company was founded back in 1999 and its headquarters are based in Wilmington, Massachusetts.

LoadSpring services over 3,000 customers with over 90,000 users worldwide across a variety of industries such as Engineering / Construction, Energy / Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare / Life Sciences and more.  

We spoke with Crystal Gosa, LoadSpring’s Director of Human Resources, to learn more about the company’s culture and we even received some information on the company’s perks. 

LoadSpring is hiring!  You can check out the company's openings on its BIZZpage.

Can you share the details on what LoadSpring does and the solutions you provide to your customers?
LoadSpring is the market leader in providing Project Management Cloud solutions that are easy and fast to execute on behalf of our clients.  Our proprietary LoadSpring platform is an enabling technology that not only provides secure and easy access to team members but also critical other functionality like Project Intelligence dashboards, centralized global support, license management tools, and much more.

Who are your customers?
We work with customers across all industries as Project Management is a critical requirements not only for Engineering and Construction firms but also Energy/Utilities, Manufacturing, Public LoadSpring LogoInfrastructure capital projects, Healthcare, and many more.  The end users consist not only of Fortune 100 company's global project teams, but also onsite subcontractors, capital project owners as well as internal executive teams.

How many employees do you have and what are you expecting in terms of growth in 2017?

LoadSpring has over 65 full time employees and we expect to have over 80 by the end of the year.  In addition, we also have over 20 contracted employees to support our critical departments.

What positions are you looking to hire for throughout the year?

We look to hire sales personnel, software support, system engineers, system admins, developers and more.

What are LoadSpring’s company values?

Since 1999, LoadSpring has been creating “Recipes” for business success with our customers, our partners and most importantly, our RockStar team. “We Do IT Different” and that is a key reason why customers love us. We have developed the following list of values and statements that have built our success and challenge every employee to strive to hold true to these values each and every day, creating a RockStar and Maverick Culture that matches our Recipes for success!

Mission Statement
LoadSpring’s Mission is to create innovative solutions that maintain our leadership position as a Project Management Cloud solutions company, as well as our competitive advantage around fast and easy solutions by creating for our customers and team members the following:

  • Legendary Customer Experience
  • Legendary Employee Experience
  • Legendary Support, Uptime, and Performance
  • Legendary Infrastructure

 All resulting in a Legendary Corporate Value

Our Core Values 

  • Create a culture of Legendary Employee Experience
  • Share & Buy-In to the LoadSpring Experience
  • Deliver 110% Knock-Your-Socks-Off Customer Service
  • Passion for Excellence & Efficiency
  • Deliver Simple, Effective, & Complete Solutions:  Initiative/Results
  • Integrity, Truthfulness and Honor is our Character
  • Work-Life Balance:  Work Hard/Play Hard 
  • ​​​​​​​Security is a critical foundation of our success

Do you offer any unique benefits or perks?

Our CultureSpring program helps you gain a global perspective to better understand our worldwide users and customers. Employees who've been with us more than a year get a up to $4,000 plus a bonus vacation week to travel to faraway places and bring back new insights. Everyone (including our customers) can benefit from inspiring cultural experiences.

SpringMan Excellence Club
We reward our RockStar and Maverick employees (and significant others!) with our cool Excellence Club destination trips. Held in a different and fun location each year, these gatherings are filled with team building, brainstorming, good food and discussions around the pool or fire. A perfect opportunity for our overachievers to celebrate success and contribute to the LoadSpring Vision process.

Corporate Benefits
We invest in your future – physically, financially and personally. Our generous employee benefits rival even the "big" companies. Yet another reason to call LoadSpring "home." 

Tuition Reimbursement
To advance our company culture and nurture new ideas, we not only pick up the tab for approved classes and seminars (up to $4,000 a year), we also pay for the time off to attend. This way, we all stay at the forefront of technology while bringing fresh viewpoints to the table.

Employee Testimonials

"I love working at LoadSpring because I get to solve challenging problems with creative solutions, while working with the latest cutting edge technologies.  I can make an impact to the company as an individual, work with a team of rock stars, and have great benefits and a flexible schedule."
Justin Polski, Sr. Software Engineer





"I love working at LoadSpring because every day brings about new opportunities that help me grow professionally. The benefits are also great; I had never heard of a company offering benefits such​ as Culture Spring ($4,000 to travel abroad) and Excellence Club (all expenses paid trip abroad with top performers and executive leadership, plus a companion). This company truly rewards high performance, which keeps me motivated to produce results."
Cristhian Del Valle, Marketing Manager




"I love working at LoadSpring because I get to learn new skills and work with other departments to impact change."
Christina Catallozzi, Contracts Administrator





"I love working at LoadSpring because the people are awesome. I love being challenged on a daily basis and being part of a team that is very talented that is not afraid of tackling the challenges we face day to day."
Chris Witt, Software Systems Administrator




"We create innovative products that literally change the industry."
Steve Faber, Major Account Executive





"I get to work with cutting edge technologies every day."
Nathan Bergsma, System Administrator




"The corporate culture encourages a work/life balance."
Alan Cheng, Junior System Administrator






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Images courtesy of LoadSpring.