November 10, 2014

Working In Boston Tech: Blueport Commerce

Did you know that 30% of all Google searches are employment related? That's a staggering number, but the reality is, people are always looking to better their career.

The job search process can be overwhelming and stressful. Where do I find job postings?  How do I get information about companies?  If I land an interview, how do I ensure success? The list of questions goes on and on...

Our BIZZpages are aimed at helping people find and explore great companies in the Boston tech scene.  We recently launched (see CarGurus & Vistaprint) a new series that will give you an even deeper look inside the company.  We'll explore some of the key aspects of the company, plus how to even possibly land a job there.

Today, we hear from the team at Blueport Commerce in Boston - "the omnichannel solution for the $78B furniture industry."  You can check out their BIZZpage here.

What is it like to work at your company in terms of your culture?

The culture at Blueport is friendly, driven, open and upbeat. We have a saying here that goes, “What you do here will matter.” We foster collaboration and strongly promote a healthy work-life balance.

What’s the best way to get a job at Blueport?

Check out the Careers page on or our BIZZpage.  You can also follow us on FacebookTwitter, and on LinkedIn to get to know the company better. 

If you see a job that interests you, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.


What can someone expect during the interview process?
Our interview process typically kicks off with a phone interview, followed by one or two on-sites. Collaboration and culture are two of our biggest values so we look for individuals who would be a great fit to our team. Be prepared to be yourself and meet with lots of people!
What can people expect over the course of their career at Blueport?

As a growing dynamic company you can expect to make an impact, work hard, and have fun with like-minded colleagues. Expect to take charge of your own career and the opportunity to work closely with leadership and across various departments.

What TV or movie would best describe the working environment and employees at Blueport.

“Back to the Future.” We bring traditional furniture retailers back to the future and we’re using the best in technology to get there. We’ve even used BTTF as a code name for special projects, and, just like Marty himself, we’re always on an adventure.

Are there any favorite activities that the employees do outside of the office?

There sure are! At the end of each month we do an event or outing. For example, in October we had a “pub-style” trivia night hosted by Stump Trivia. Other times we’ve gone bowling or to local restaurants in the South End for apps and drinks. We hold an informal family game night at least twice a month with board games. And, each year we host a Summer Open House Party where we invite friends, family, neighbors, business partners and prospective candidates to come together for a fun evening of food trucks, drinks and games.


What is in your fridge or on tap?

What isn’t? Our kitchen is fully stocked with all natural snacks like nuts, pretzels, energy bars, granola and popcorn. Our fridge is stocked with mini cheeses, seasonal beers and, well, we don’t mean to brag but let’s just say there’s never a shortage of adult beverages for Friday afternoons...


If you took a poll of everyone in the office, what would be the company’s favorite color?

Blueport Blue, obviously!

Are there any fun facts or unique stories that you can share about Blueport or individuals that work there?

There are a handful of people that have been here from the very beginning and have watched Blueport evolve over the years. What’s more, these people have embraced this change and are the cornerstones that also help incorporate our newest hires. And, we’ve hired a lot of people this year, so it says a lot about our culture, our passionate employees and the level of expertise and credibility we have to offer our clients. Additionally, fun facts are part of the fabric of our company-wide stand-up meetings at least twice a week. One is that our President and Chief Executive Officer, Carl Prindle, is an inventor holding nine US patents!

Do you have any unique benefits or perks?

We have many! We care a lot of about health here, which is why we cover 100% of healthcare. Additionally, we offer all employees the option of either free parking or fully paid public transportation. Gym memberships to Boston Sports Club are fully covered, along with ample PTO that we encourage Blueporters to take regularly. We also very proudly offer a dog-friendly office environment.


You can learn more about Blueport Commerce on their BIZZpage or on their website. You can also follow them on Twitter @blueportdotcom.