June 5, 2019

Engineering Spotlight: WordStream

WordStream develops online advertising software and provides managed services to help small businesses and agencies grow through paid search and paid social campaigns. Howard Kogan, the company’s CEO, was a guest on the VentureFizz Podcast where he went into detail about WordStream and his career.

We connected with Patrick Heath, SVP of Engineering of WordStream, to get an inside look at the company's engineering team. Heath also went into lots of details about the company’s technology, the various projects, the team's culture and more.

Interested in joining WordStream’s engineering team? Take a look at all of the company’s openings on the list to the right!

Quick Hit Details

  • Year Founded: 2007

  • Number of employees: 285

  • Number of engineers: 51

  • Industry: Online Marketing and digital advertising

Can you share a summary on what WordStream does?

Patrick Heath
Patrick Heath, SVP of Engineering at WordStream

WordStream is a Software as a Service company located in the Back Bay of Boston.  Our solutions help small and medium sized businesses optimize their paid online advertising and digital marketing campaigns across Facebook, Google, and Bing.

What are some of the different technologies that the engineering team gets to work with and at what scale?

WordStream is a Python and Knockout.JS  shop which we use across all of our scrum teams. In addition to the above technologies, our tech stack includes AWS, Javascript, HTML5, Google adwords/ Facebook APIs, PostgreSQL, and Linux.

What are some of the interesting projects that the engineering team is tackling?

We are currently working on a push into machine learning and we are very excited about our Agency New Business Center project.

Does your engineering team have a chance to work on projects outside of their day-to-day responsibilities?

A number of the team frequently takes a pain point and does a skunk works project to improve the issue. A new initiative that the engineering team is starting is running code labs too.

What is the culture like at WordStream for the engineering team?

WordStream’s engineering team is made up of individuals with a wide variety of backgrounds.  Having such unique individuals on our team allows us to solve problems creatively and collaboratively while providing a top notch environment of diverse critical thinking.

What can a potential employee expect during the interview process

We try to be very respectful of the candidates time by moving quickly. In addition to meeting several key members of the engineering team and our leadership team, individuals can expect to learn about the technologies and processes we use on a day to day basis here at WordStream.  Individuals will also be given an opportunity to showcase their talents while providing insight to their personal engineering process. We try to be very respectful of the candidates time by keep a fast moving process.

Are you involved in any local tech organizations or Meetups?

WordStream is proud to announce we are sponsoring Boston TechJam this year!

Rapid Fire Q&A

What’s on tap?

We have a weekly beer order with everything you could want.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars

iPhone or Android?

iPhone (although could be contested).

Coffee - hot or iced?

Coffee. Just coffee.

Favorite employee perk?

Ping Pong tournaments are taken very seriously here.

What TV show describes the engineering team’s culture?

American Ninja Warrior. Seriously, the ping pong is SUPER competitive.

What music is playing in your office?

Whatever Eric is playing in finance.

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Team Profiles

Pankaj Rupani,
Senior Software Engineer (Infrastructure)

I have been at WordStream since the summer of 2015. I took a chance on this job, I wasn't sure if I was the right fit for WordStream or if WordStream was the right fit for me but it has turned out great! I started as a data engineer and moved into infrastructure engineering which I do full time now.  My favorite project was right around when we acquired Algorithmic Ads. Moving their infrastructure to ours was a challenge but an exciting one. It was a great learning experience. The thing that excites me most about WordStream is our growth. It is something that's super exciting, from scaling our technology, customer accounts, and keeping the performance of the application top notch it all contributes to a company that has a great potential for growth. One thing I would say to a potential candidate is if you work here, you’d have an opportunity to really strengthen your resume. The amount of learning we do on a day to day basis is something that has really helped me grow my skill set. WordStream is also great because we get so much freedom and autonomy in what we do, but you also have to be open to collaboration. This ability to make decisions in how you personally do you work while still maintaining a team environment is what sets WordStream apart. 

Krishnamaraju MC, Technical Architect / Manager

My WordStream story is that a friend of mine used to work here and she really talked WordStream up so I came in and met with Patrick our SVP of engineering, it was my first job and from the start it was a good fit, giving me the opportunity to continue to grow and learn. The way Patrick spoke and expressed his leadership when I first met him is the main reason I joined WordStream, he’s a great leader and it's great to work with him.. My favorite project has also been Algorithmic Ads, when we acquired them, we had a lot of interesting challenges to work through and it allowed me to continue to grow as an engineer. Similar to Pankaj, the thing I’d say that's most exciting about WordStream is our growth.  WordStream is full of opportunities to grow your career along with the company, and they give you the tools to do that. The freedom my manager gives me to explore my interests is something that has kept me dedicated to WordStream and makes it a great place to work. WordStream sets itself apart through its culture. We have a friendly non judgemental environment (although very competitive when it comes to ping pong) and we welcome anyone to check out our careers page to find their next position. Linkedin:

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Images courtesy of WordStream


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