December 27, 2017

VentureFizz's Year in Review - Top Stories on VentureFizz

2017 was a big year for Boston tech, and with the year coming to close, it's time to reflect at some of the big moments within the Boston tech scene.

Here's a look at some of the top stories on VentureFizz of 2017 in no particular order.

The Story of Soofa: Turning Smart Cities Into Social Ones

Soofa is a company that makes solar-powered benches and E Ink displays for cities. Co-Founder Sandra Richter tells Alex Culafi about Soofa's mission to make sustainability attractive, social, and fun.

The Colossal Spider Web of ATG Alumni

ATG (Art Technology Group) was one of Boston's anchor tech companies before its acquisition by Oracle in 2011 for $1B. Here's a list of notable alumni in the Boston tech scene.

Lead(H)er - Emmy Linder, Global Head of Operations and Chief of Staff at Cybereason

Emmy Linder began her career not with a startup, but in the Israeli Defense Forces. Linder shared her story with Brianne Shelley in our Lead(H)er series and spoke about her time in the military and how she became involved in Boston tech.

The Growing Pet Tech Cluster in Boston

Boston is home to many Pet Tech companies, and each of them is providing a different kind of service to keep both owners and their furry friends happy and content. We pulled together a list of companies in this rapidly growing cluster in the Boston tech scene.

Halloween Across The Boston Tech Community - 2017 Edition

When it comes to Halloween, the Boston tech community doesn't mess around. Here's the recap of all the parties and all the amazing costumes.

Lead(H)er - Laura Bronner, Head of Central Branding North America at EF Education First

Laura Bronner, the Head of Branding at EF Education First became interested in becoming an entrepreneur after attending a panel. Brianne Shelley interviewed Bronner about her career, including her other entrepreneurial pursuits and how she ended up working at EF Education First.

An Inside Look at Turbonomic’s Growing Sales Team

With five consecutive years of record growth, Turbonomic is the very definition of hyper-growth. One reason for this is its continuously evolving sales model. Steve Corndell, Turbonomic’s General Manager and Vice President of Commercial Sales, told us exactly how they did it.

How Catalant’s Jim McInerny Builds Top Sales Teams

Catalant Vice President of Sales Jim McInerny is a pro at building sales teams. We asked him to give us the lowdown on how he builds a team – and each new salesperson – from scratch.

Lead(H)er Clara Vu Masthead

Lead(H)er: Clara Vu, the VP of Engineering at Veo Robotics Inc.

Clara Vu, the VP of Engineering at Veo Robotics, turned her love for mathematics into a career involving robotics, including working on the ever-popular iRobot Roombas. Brianne Shelley's in-depth profile tells an interesting story, as Vu gives some advice to recent graduates.

Science of B2B

The Science of B2B Marketing from Top Boston CMOs

Michelle Heath interviewed five of Boston's top CMOs where she gots lots of advice, tips, and tricks for B2B marketers. Everything from KPIs to the tools they are using.

Payal Divakaran

Investor Profile: Payal Agrawal Divakaran, Principal at .406 Ventures

In collaboration with the New England Venture Capital Association (NEVCA), VentureFizz is interviewing nominees for the 5th Annual NEVYs. Our first interview is with Rising Star VC nominee Payal Agrawal Divakaran, Principal at .406 Ventures.

Privy Masthead

Privy – The Story Behind the Company’s Pivot to Success

Sometimes the pivot works, sometimes it doesn’t. In Privy’s case, the pivot has let to game-changing growth. VentureFizz connected with company founder and CEO, Ben Jabbawy, about Privy's successful turnaround.

Mira Wilczek Masthead

Lead(H)er: Mira Wilczek, CEO at Cogo Labs

Mira Wilczek is the CEO of Cogo Labs, one of the leading startup accelerators in Boston. In the latest edition of the Lead(H)er series, Brianne Shelley spoke with Wilczek and learned how she first got into the tech world, including working as an "ethical hacker" for IBM.

The Colossal Spider Web of Molecular Alumni

Molecular was a leading internet consulting firm that was acquired by Isobar in 2005. The firm has left a lasting impression on the Boston tech scene, as many of its alumni are in leadership positions.

Boston AI

Why Boston Will Be the Star of The AI Revolution

It may not be the first industry most people think of, but Boston has a burgeoning AI startup scene and has a history involving the technology. Zach Winn dove deep into the AI world in Boston and detailed companies, events, and culture surrounding it.

Get to Know... Ed Macri, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Wayfair

Ed Macri is Wayfair’s Chief Product & Marketing Officer. Looking back at Macri’s background, it wasn’t a typical career path which got him to this leadership role at one of the world’s largest eCommerce companies.

Netra Masthead

Netra Helps Brands Make Sense of Social Media Images

Netra is a visual intelligence company that uses cutting-edge image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies to help brands understand and target customers. CEO Richard Lee shares the story behind Netra, including being apart of Techstars and having some assistance from Mark Cuban.


Seismic - The Background Story and Plans for Growth in Boston

Seismic is one of many companies in the Boston startup scene that is seeing massive growth. We interviewed Ed Calnan, its co-founder and President to learn more.

SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is Turning Toward Boston to Build the Future of Commerce

SAP has been busy. In addition to being the tech giant it is, they're also doubling down on SAP Hybris and their CaaS (Commerce as a Service) platform. We sat down with SAP's Charles Nicholls, Wendy LaHaye, and Steve Brown to learn more about what they've been up to.

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