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Tripleseat Simplifies Planning For Events in Restaurants...No Notebooks Required!

Picture this; you’re working at a restaurant and, like many others, it has a space that can accommodate for events. Maybe it can be the site of a family birthday party or an area for a night out your company’s team. It’s up to that restaurant to organize and manage this event on top of tending to their other customers at the moment.

Unfortunately, this particular restaurant doesn’t have an efficient way to help manage the event that is occurring, and instead uses an old-fashioned method: a notebook and a pencil. It’s not exactly high-tech or the most efficient way of managing an event. Not to mention, it’s easy to run into issues like losing the notebook.

Jonathan Morse Tripleseat
Jonathan Morse, Co-Founder and CEO of Tripleseat

This scenario is typical for a lot of restaurants and something that Tripleseat Co-Founder and CEO Jonathan Morse encountered throughout his career.

“Before I got involved with software, I’ve always been involved in some way, shape or form with the hospitality and restaurant business,” said Morse. “Whether it’s working in the restaurants or selling sales technology to hotels, that has primarily been my background.”

It was a customer event that he helped organize while working as Director of Sales at Avero. Long story short, the get-together didn’t go as smoothly as planned due to the event planner not only misplacing their notebook and began to start, as he puts it “winging it.”

“When I asked her what happened, she had told me she was using pen-and-paper and that the restaurant didn’t have any technology for these kinds of situations,” he told us. “At the time, the technology was targeted towards hotels, or it was too expensive for smaller and medium-size restaurants. I asked people I knew in the restaurant industry to see if this is common and they said it was.”

Morse found out that an alarming number of restaurants didn’t have any easy-to-use, efficient way of managing their event space. It was this series of events that also led to Morse founding his first tech startup.

What exactly is Tripleseat?

Tripleseat is a web-app event planning and organization tool. The company provides an easy-to-use web application that forgoes installing proprietary software onto a restaurant’s server. It’s simple for a restaurant’s event planner as well, as they can punch in information regarding an event reservation, such as how many seats, what time they are going to be there, and what food should be prepared. From there, the information will be stored onto the application and can be accessed easily through a computer or a smartphone.

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Tripleseat also offers the ability for a venue to not only communicate with the customer, but also give insights for future events. For example, Morse told us how the application takes into account the overall success of events in their space and use that to keep track of the way business is going for a particular section of the venue.

Over 4,000 different restaurants, hotels and unique venues are Tripleseat users, but one trend that Morse noticed seems to have been growing with its user base: the abundance of breweries that are booking events.

New markets on the horizon

Since its founding a little under ten years ago, Tripleseat has remained a dominant player in the hospitality event management space. Morse credits his own experience in the hospitality business and the application’s continuous updates as the driving forces behind Tripleseat’s success.

Now, the Concord-based company is looking over to another market in the hospitality space: hotels. Morse wants to add features that cater exclusively to that market, such as the ability to book rooms. While he couldn’t go into detail with the other features, Morse and the team at Tripleseat are hoping to provide hotels with the same level of customer satisfaction.

“If you’ve gone from writing in a notebook to using an application like Tripleseat, it’s life changing.”

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