August 4, 2010

Tracking down Five Minutes with Ubiqi Health

Everyone’s excited about new mobile applications these days, and that includes me. After covering the guys at Peekaboo Mobile earlier this spring, I was happy to spend time with Jacqueline Thong, CoFounder and CEO of UbiqiHealth, developers of mobile and web based tools for patients with chronic illness to better track  and monitor their conditions.

Ubiqi currently has one product in closed Alpha test with 40 migraine sufferers. The plan is to prove out the hypothesis that patients will actually use mobile applications to track their conditions on a day to day basis, and then roll out new applications geared toward other chronic illness. Sounds like the beginnings of a platform play. Think Facebook game platform meets 21st century medicine in the form of a symptom tracker in your pocket. Just slap on a new skin and viola – you’re tracking painful joints caused by arthritis rather than painful migraines.

With a 4 person virtual team that originally met in business school in France (of all places), and is now inconveniently located in LA, Minnesota, London, and Boston, Jacqueline told me that Ubiqi is self funded with enough runway until next spring. They’re doing side projects to bring in cash to lengthen their runway, but their big bet is being placed on the numerous business plan competitions that they’ve entered. Ubiqi was a finalist in North Bridge’s seed funding competition, and is currently a finalist in both the Cartier Women’s Initiative, and in Mass Challenge.

Regarding plans for future revenue, Jacqueline told me they’re confident that patients would pay for access to the app, as a result of surveys and market research, but Ubiqi also plans to sell aggregated, anonymized data to drug makers and other interested parties.

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