December 18, 2018

ThriveHive: Guided Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

ThriveHive is a company that aims to guide small businesses to extraordinary marketing results by combining data, people, and software. Their Guided Marketing Platform helps businesses eliminate the guesswork in digital marketing, allowing business owners to maximize their time and get back to running their business. 

I caught up with Scott Noll, General Manager of SaaS at ThriveHive, to learn more about the story behind the company's founding, how it differentiates from the competitors, and their plans moving forward.

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What is the background story of the company, which was originally known as Propel Marketing?

Scott Noll ThriveHive
Scott Noll, General Manager of SaaS at ThriveHive.

Propel Marketing was founded in Quincy MA in 2011 to help businesses grow through digital marketing. In 2016, Propel Marketing acquired ThriveHive, a guided digital marketing platform offered to SMB’s, co-founded by Max Faingezicht (current Chief Technology Officer) and Adam Blake (current Chief Marketing Officer). Soon after, we rebranded completely to ThriveHive, and also established great partnerships with Google and Bing.

In 2017 ThriveHive acquired Closely, a Denver based technology company known best for its award-winning mobile app, Perch. In 2018 we launched, a resource for businesses who are looking to grow but don’t know where to start. Soon after we launched the ThriveHive Grader, a website that provides businesses with an instant report of their Google My Business profile. Today, ThriveHive continues to be at the forefront of the digital marketing industry, guiding businesses to achieve extraordinary local marketing results.

Why did you decide to rebrand as ThriveHive, a company you acquired in 2016?

We took a look at the market and realized that there are quite a few “Propel” companies that already exist. As a company that strives to stand apart from the competition, we decided to take this opportunity to rethink not just our name, but also our brand. We wanted to simplify things for our customers and also stand for more than a set of services. ThriveHive had a wonderful reputation when we acquired them—they were known to have great customer service and really go above and beyond to help their customers get their businesses off the ground. It just felt like a natural transition.

How does ThriveHive differentiate from competitors?

  • Unparalleled reach: Backed by GateHouse Media, ThriveHive reaches over 22 million people across the country

  • Google AdWords Premier Partner: We’re part of a select group of strategic partners that meet Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements, including proven expertise and years of experience in delivering high-performing AdWords campaigns

  • Dedicated advisors committed to success: ThriveHive’s dedicated digital marketing team works to build stronger communities by driving business success

  • Industry expertise: With established relationships with digital leaders like Google and Facebook, we have the experience to build marketing solutions that helps businesses keep up with the competition

  • Transparent results: We believe in complete transparency, providing our customers with measurable results through a 24/7 custom dashboard

  • Innovative technology: ThriveHive launched Grader this year, a new product providing an instant diagnostic assessment of Google My Business (GMB) profiles to measure a business’ presence, reputation, and outreach. It is completely free to use and is a must-have for business owners.

Walk me through the process of using ThriveHive as a business owner. How does your Guided Marketing Platform work?

We are guiding our customers from the very beginning, helping them understand their unique needs and goals and then creating a system with products and services to supplement that process. Our Guided Marketing Platform and mix of digital marketing services help businesses to eliminate the guesswork, maximize their time, and get back to what’s really important—running their business.

ThriveHive’s Guided Marketing Platform is designed specifically for small business owners. We make it easy to track and view leads, manage your contacts, update your website, send emails, and run your social media—all in one convenient location.

Who are your typical customers?

Our typical customers are small and medium-sized businesses located across the country, from solo entrepreneurs to larger regional mid-sized businesses.

Last year, you announced the acquisition of Closely, which was known for its mobile app called Perch.  How has this product been integrated with your overall product offering?

We paired Perch with our new Grader tool as a first step in offering small businesses ways to evaluate their online presence and take action with support and guidance from ThriveHive along the way—all at no cost. This is fully integrated with our Guided Marketing Platform, and is an exciting and important vehicle for them to take control over their online marketing and learn as they go.

How many employees do you have and what your hiring plans moving forward?

We currently have more than 300 employees across our Boston MA, Quincy MA, Manchester NH, Denver CO, and Las Vegas NV offices. We have had a huge year, between the acquisitions, the partnerships, and our family is constantly expanding. We plan to have an even bigger 2019, so we can expect lots of additional growth on our teams, too.

Any future plans that you can share?

Yes, of course, but perhaps not as specific as you’d like! We have several teams across the country working hard on our next set of enhancements and new products to offer even more support for small businesses, all with a unified focus on providing an end-to-end “Guided Marketing” experience for ThriveHive users and customers.

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