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Teikametrics: Empowering the New American Dream

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Teikametrics is a four-year-old, bootstrapped tech startup that is aiming to support what CRO, Andy Coughlin describes as, “the new American dream.”

Andy Coughlin Teikametrics
Andy Coughlin, CRO at Teikametrics

The concept behind the company came about in 2003 when founder and CEO, Alasdair Mclean-Foreman was still in college. Outside of the classroom, he was one of the first and top resellers of products on Amazon. However, he quickly realized that while his top line revenue was high he actually wasn’t making that much money.

“That was the spark of the idea to create something that can help sellers be profitable,” explains Coughlin. 

The company offers a software-as-a-service suite and expert e-commerce services for a monthly subscription. Key customers are resellers on Amazon who are generating on average between $50k and $100k a month.

The platform helps resellers make accurate estimates on what the best selling price is for a product. More specifically, the platform provides real-time repricing, inventory analytics, restocking optimization and purchase order and shipment management. The software is particularly helpful to resellers with large inventories and those in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.

Teikametrics Screenshot
Teikametrics - Product Screenshot

Currently, the company is focused on working with Amazon resellers, such as Newbury Comics, Marathon Sports and Aubuchon Hardware. In the future, the company hopes to expand to other e-commerce channels.

"Teikametrics has had a huge impact for our Amazon channel,” says Will Aubuchon, VP of Sales at Aubuchon Hardware and current Teikmetrics customer. “We increased sales by becoming competitive with product opportunities that were completely missed before.”

“We live in a world of the new retail,” says Coughlin. “There is a new emerging retailer – this is the new American dream. Anyone can set up a website and quickly begin selling something and start a business. Our whole passion is for the seller.”

With a strong focus on customers, Coughlin describes the company culture as empathetic and respectful.

Teikametrics Team
Andy Coughlin (CRO) and part of the Teikametrics team

​“We’re empathetic because we’re helping people feed their families,” said Coughlin.  “We have a culture of wanting to win and wanting to help, which is unusual at a company this size. It’s because we all know someone who is building business – it’s your aunt, my brother-in-law – a lot of people are trying to make a living in this new world of retail.”

As the company continues to grow, the leadership team is focused on bringing process and a clear roadmap into the organization. Coughlin is bringing more than a decade of experience at major corporations including Microsoft and Sonos. “We’re taking these amazing people and putting them all in the same boat and helping everyone row the same way,” Coughlin says.

Coughlin describes how his adapted leadership style results in him and his team “all learning from each other.” “We all have different experiences and it’s a balance of listening and learning before instituting a process,” he adds.

The 31-person company is located in the Fort Point neighborhood of the Seaport Boston.

Sarah Salbu is a contributor to VentureFizz and a communications manager at Mendix. Follow Sarah on Twitter: @SarahSalbu.

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Teikametrics empowers third-party sellers with the data, insights, and tools to build successful brands. Our passion is creating life long relationships through innovative software and world-class service.

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