Techstars Shines Again in Boston

Another Techstars Boston Demo Day is in the books after 12 startups pitched their companies to a full room inside the House of Blues on Lansdowne Street yesterday. 

Leading his first Demo Day as Managing Director, Semyon Dukach kicked things off and made way for Codeanywhere, a cloud based code-editor, development, and collaboration platform, or as they called themselves, “Google Docs for Developers.” 

We saw a name change from Splashscore, which is now Mavrck (below, left), who is providing consumer brands with an effective social influence marketing platform. They also announced they’ll be working inside the newly launched Wunderbar, a co-working partnership between Workbar and Mullen.


Fortified Bicycle, who had previously rolled out theft-free bike lights (or as Bill Warner (above, right) dubbed them, “bulletproof”) announced they will soon be producing a complete bicycle, equipped with all the tools a “city-cyclist” needs and wants. This announcement came complete with a surprise bike ride through the crowd.

A big funding announcement came from Indico, who is playing in the Machine Learning space, to the tune of $3M from General Catalyst, .406 Ventures, Two Sigma & Boston Seed Capital. 

Also with a lively demo was Spitfire Athlete, who is building a brand that stands for strength and  “badassery” among women, starting with a fitness app. Founder Erin Parker ended the pitch with an impressive deadlift. 


EdTrips, who makes field trips easy by consolidating the booking and payment of trips among multiple locations and services, brought in some ringers to play to the crowd… elementary school children who LOVE field trips. Co-Founder Jakob Garrow was quick to point out their $7 Billion (untapped) market. 

Alex List, Co-Founder of Headtalk, pitched Magnet, the wearable connecting significant others, doubling as jewelry. We touched on the product and their Kickstarter campaign yesterday. 

One of the better pitch tactics came from Streamroot. Showing video of the infamous Dave Roberts stolen base, the stream cut to “buffering” as Roberts went into his slide - proving the problem facing online video streaming. Streamroot cuts bandwidth costs for online broadcasters with native peer-to-peer video streaming technology. 

ROCKI had people talking. A lower-priced solution to Sonos, they want to bring all your old speakers back into play. At $49, each ROCKI connects to a set of speakers and connects to a phone or tablet to stream your music. 


We also heard from Fairwaves, which develops disruptive open-source mobile network equipment and software to bring cell phone service to the next billion people, Helloblock, the API that simplifies accepting online payments through Bitcoin, and CoolChip Technologies, which has been around since 2010 and designs next-generation kinetic coolers for electronics enabling quieter, smaller and cooler product experiences. 

Techstars Demo Day is one of those events that you need to attend to truly appreciate. With a mix of unique startups across different industries that interest a variety of people and investors, there’s never a shortage of innovation and creativity. It’s a room full of inspirational entrepreneurs. 

Techstars Founder and Managing Director, David Cohen (who let the crowd know he wasn’t anti Silicon Valley, just “pro everywhere else”) touted the accelerators success informing the room there has been 56 exits out of 400 Techstars startups. 

As always, it’ll be fun to keep an eye on these 12 companies to see where they end up and which will be added to that list of successful exits. 

Congratulations to all the startups, mentors, investors and the Techstars team for a great day of entrepreneurship.

Josh Boyle is Director of Community & Marketing, VentureFizz.  You can follow him on Twitter @jb_sid
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