November 1, 2018

Tech Tackles Cancer’s First-Ever Karaoke Showdown!

It’s time to step up everyone!

I’ve talked about this topic before, but it doesn’t get old, unfortunately, and it won’t until we cure childhood cancer. I remind people every day that cancer takes more children from us than any other disease. And there are way way way too many kids with cancer today. The one bright spot is that our fight against it is working, the survival rate for kids with common cancers has increased significantly, so we need to double down. We can kill this disease.

In 2013, we formed Tech Tackles Cancer to mobilize Boston’s tech community around giving back, to get people actively involved with the fight against childhood cancer. We launched our first head-shaving fundraiser that year, which was a small event, held in the back room at Dillon’s here in Boston on Boylston Street. But we raised $50K that night and over the next four years, we raised more than $1.2M for pediatric cancer research.

This year we asked ourselves, how can we have more impact? How can we create something new and unique?

The answer was the Karaoke Showdown. I take no credit for the idea, but when the event chair Tom Barry came up with it, I immediately loved it. That’s right, tech people up on stage showing is what they’ve got. And, even better, it’s live band karaoke – at The Landsdowne Pub on Tuesday, November 6 – election day, so vote early.

We have more than 20 companies participating, 20 people are competing to be the best singer/performer and their teams are competing for which one will raise the most money for pediatric cancer.  

We’re one week out and we’re about two-thirds to our goal. We’ve raised $168K and we’re shooting for $250K. We’re going to blow that goal away, and we’re going to double that in 2019, but we need help getting there. What can you do? Three things:

  1. Support the event with a company or personal sponsorship – click here.
  2. Join us for the inaugural event, it’s going to be a blast - buy tickets here.
  3. There are no spots left for teams/singers, but you can dedicate a song – contact us here.

This year we’re raising for three amazing organizations:

  • St Baldrick’s – the world’s largest single source of funding for pediatric cancer research
  • One Mission – a charity that does whatever it takes to get kids through cancer
  • Boston Children’s Hospital – the primary pediatric teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School

As a community, we have a lot to be grateful for, the tech industry has given us all a lot.

If you haven’t stepped up it’s time to give back, this is too important.

Christopher Lynch is the Executive Chairman and CEO at AtScale. You can follow him on Twitter @LynchBigData