January 27, 2014

The Team Behind Cloze Launches to Improve Marketers Social Media Presence

This morning, the guys behind one of the best social media and email aggregators, Cloze, announced the launch of a new product, is a "reader-friendly" way to share web content in what creators Alex Cotê and Dan Foody call a "Medium-inspired format." The app allows marketers to take any content they find one the web and privately distribute it out within the organization. then allows the marketing employees to redistribute that content out to their social networks.

The new product is the first "paid" app from Foody and Cotê and was built with the goal of helping marketing firms make it easier to build their employees social media presence.

When it comes right down to it, the idea is pretty useful, especially for some of the big house marketing/advertising firms.

As Cotê explained, "With, a steady stream of good content can come out of marketing that's not just constant brand stuff. The app creates a mix of content that can be useful and allows employees to put their own spin on it and gets them engaged in social media without a lot of work."  

The way it works is that a manager "clips" certain pieces of content by either using one of's browser extensions or copying a site's URL. That content then gets generated into an in-house newsletter or email that is sent out across a company. Employees can then fire off the curated content through their social media channels, adding a sense of industry expertise to their personal brand. 

Here is a screen shot of a typical curated content email:

Instead of marketers having their social media feeds jam packed with brand specific content, the information being funneled through a company becomes amplified, and, as Cotê said, "makes marketers look like experts across the whole employee base."

The product developed from some feedback Cotê and Foody received from marketing professionals who found value in Cloze but wanted a simpler way to take the industry-relevant content they were stumbling upon and push it out to employees who could then in turn share it themselves. As Cotê explained, "As you look at all the time we had with Cloze and the people we worked with there were a lot of outbound type people, marketers in particular, who were using Cloze to curate great content and keep track of all different kinds of influencers, writers, bloggers, customers, etc."

He continued, "They asked for some portability in that, basically saying, 'I want to create a list and share it with someone else on my team'." .

So Foody and Cotê developed the stand alone project, 

"What we've developed here is very seamless," Cotê said. "It's a "one button simple" kind of product for the employee."

One of the best features of the app is the ability for marketing managers to track how the content they are collecting and distributing is then shared by employees. This is just one of the features that allows in its dashboard (pictured below).


The product is currently available on a two-week trial basis for businesses with a tiered pricing plan. A "Basic" plan for twenty-five employees costs $49 per month, the "Standard" plan is $99 per month for one-hundred employees, and the "Plus" plan is $199 monthly for up to 250 employees. Individual plans are free.

Already having developed one of the most useful social media and email aggregators on the market, it seems that the Cloze guys have a larger vision of taking all the noise from the internet and repackaging it in a more useful way. With, they have created a content marketing tool that is innovative and potentially invaluable for a lot of companies.

Dennis Keohane is the Senior Writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.