March 17, 2017

Talent on the Move - March 17, 2017

Here's your look at the latest hires across Boston tech from companies including at Circle, CloudHealth Technologies, QuickBase, LogMeIn, Starry, GasBuddy, Brand Networks, Amazon Web Services, and Virtudent.

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Kyla Hern, Circle

Kyla Hern
Director, Marketing (U.S.) at Circle
Previously, Marketing Lead at Lyft

Circle is hiring!  Check out its BIZZpage

Jon Dorr, CloudHealth Technologies

Jon Dorr
Director of Professional Services at CloudHealth Technologies
Previously, VP, Global Client Engagement at Bullhorn

Glenn Snyder, CloudHealth Technologies

Glenn Snyder
Director of Engineering at CloudHealth Technologies
Previously, Vice President of Software Development at OpSec Security

CloudHealth Technologies is HiringCheck out its BIZZpage

Mark Daoust, QuickBase

Mark Daoust
VP of Customer Success at QuickBase
Previously, VP of Operations and Services at HP Enterprise

QuickBase is HiringCheck out its BIZZpage

Valentine Edobor, LogMeIn

Valentine Edobor
Account Executive at LogMeIn
Previously, Strategic Relationship Executive at Kforce

LogMeIn is hiring!  Check out its BIZZpage

Steven Sloboda, Starry

Steven Sloboda
Software Engineer at Starry
Previously, Electrical Engineer at MITRE

Chad Mirmelli, Starry

Chad Mirmelli
Senior Manager of Customer Success at Starry
Previously, Manager of Customer Success at Buildium

Starry is hiring! Check out its BIZZpage

Sarah McCrary, GasBuddy

Sarah McCrary
COO at GasBuddy
Promoted from VP of Operations at GasBuddy

GasBuddy is hiring!  Check out its BIZZpage

Todd Taplin, Brand Networks

Todd Taplin
CEO at Brand Networks
Previously, EVP at Celtra

Webster Pilcher Amazon Web Services

Webster Pilcher
Cloud Strategist at Amazon Web Services
Previously, Sr. Account Director at Clari

John Voith, Virtudent

John Voith
SVP Operations at Virtudent
Previously, Director & Product Manager at athenahealth

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