April 10, 2014

Talent on the Move! Apr 11, 2014

Talent on the Move - April 11, 2014

Your weekly roll up of who is coming and going within the Boston tech scene!

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Bernd Leger
Bernd Leger, VP of Marketing @ CloudLock.  Previously, VP of Marketing at LocalyticsLink
Gillian Daniel
Gillian Daniel, Sr. Product Manager @ Affectiva.  Previously, Sr. Product Manager at QvidianLink
Ray Colwell, SVP of Global Business Development @ Nexage.  Previously, Chief Revenue Officer at Adelphic MobileLink
Katie Curtin-Mestre

Katie Curtin-Mestre, VP of Marketing Communications @ Dyn.  Previously, VP of Marketing at Acme PacketLink


Brian Carr, COO @ Drync.  Previously, VP of Marketing at SpringpadLink

Jaime Reynolds
Jamie Reynolds, Director of Marketing @ Localytics.  Previously, Director of Marketing & Programs at MITX.  Link
Cheryl Davis

Cheryl Davis, Marketing Director @ Shoebuy.  Previously, Director, Marketing Communications at Destination XL GroupLink

Bill Sullivan

Bill Sullivan, Director of Talent Acquisition @ Stackdriver.  Previously, Technical Recruiter at RakutenLink


John Sharry

John Sharry, Director of Business Development @ Swirl.  Previously, Business Development Manager at ForresterLink

Rob O'Connor
Rob O'Connor, Digital Marketing Manager @ Kinvey.  Previously, Senior Digital Specialist at Bridgeline Digital.  Link
Shobhit Chugh

Shobhit Chugh, Vice President, Product @ High Start Group.  Previously, Senior Product Manager at Lattice EnginesLink

Looking to announce a recent hire?  Or, have a tip?  Email us here.