Steph Curry Joins CoachUp. Big Win for Consumer Tech in Boston

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“You can’t do consumer in Boston…” 

That’s a phrase we continue to hear regarding the Boston startup scene. And while there may not be as many standout consumer tech startups from Boston as the Bay Area, there certainly are plenty of success stories. 

One of those is CoachUp, a service that connects athletes with private coaches, which was founded by Jordan Fliegel in 2011. 

Today, Fliegel and CoachUp announced Stephen Curry of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors has joined its leadership team. Curry, who many believe could be the MVP of the NBA this season, is now a part-owner of CoachUp and will provide strategic guidance as the startup expands its brand and nationwide network of coaches. 

Steph Curry. CoachUp.
*Photo courtesy of CoachUp

Fliegel told me he’s been a fan of Curry since their college days as their collegiate playing careers overlapped – Fliegel at Bowdoin and Curry at Davidson. 

I asked Fliegel why this partnership made sense: 

“I love Stephen’s work ethic and he’s always been a huge supporter of private coaching. We’re building a movement and having someone like Stephen on our team is an invaluable asset.” 

In a statement, Curry said: 

“This is something I am passionate about. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the guidance of private coaches and by joining CoachUp, I’m hoping to make it possible for young athletes all over America to be the best they can be. I’ve been working with private coaches since I was a kid. Growing up, when people said I was too small or not good enough, my coaches helped me prove them wrong. I work with CoachUp coaches every off-season and now as part of the CoachUp team, I want to help kids take their performance to another level, whatever their sport.” 

“Stephen and I both know from experience that private coaching can change a young athlete’s life on and off the court because it happened to both of us,” said Fliegel. “Stephen’s decision to join CoachUp says a lot about his personal belief in the power of private coaching to help kids of all abilities in any sport. His commitment to CoachUp will be invaluable as we expand our services to both athletes and coaches.”  

When talking with Fliegel, he discussed how Curry’s father, Dell, who also had a very successful NBA career, opted not to coach Stephen himself during his son’s teenage years, but rather turned to private coaching. 

Curry didn’t receive scholarship offers from the major NCAA programs and ended up at Davidson in North Carolina, where he would go one to have a highly decorated collegiate career. In 2009 he was selected 7th overall in the NBA Draft by the Warriors. 

Now Curry is making waves in professional basketball - even more so in the Bay Area, where the Warriors call home. But this superstar, who is expected to be heavily involved in CoachUp marketing campaigns, just jumped on board a Boston consumer tech startup and it’s a story that will, without a doubt, get noticed well beyond our local startup ecosystem here in the Northeast.

Check out Curry's personal announcement of the partnership here.

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