October 23, 2017

Shoobx Drive - The Conference For Startups on November 14

On November 14th, Shoobx is hosting its first major conference at Hatch Fenway in Boston called Drive. Shoobx provides a comprehensive platform for startups to manage corporate legal activity, from incorporation to exit. So, it is only fitting that they would put on a conference for anyone starting or running a company.
At Drive, you'll have the chance to network and learn from lots of other entrepreneurs, investors, and subject matter experts.
I caught up with Lynne Zagami, Shoobx's Head of Customer Success, to learn more about this conference.
I'm also speaking on the panel titled: Building Teams That Compete and Win along with Chris McMahon (Turbonomic), Allison Churilla (Salsify), Chrissy Costello (Buildium), and Melissa James (The Tech Connection).
I hope to see you there! Don't miss the 25% discount code below! 
1.  Why is Shoobx hosting its first major conference?
As many of your readers know, Shoobx is a technology platform that helps startups manage their corporate legal activity. So that means our clients are incorporating with us, managing their cap tables, hiring employees and issuing option grants, all while collaborating with their lawyers, investors, board members, and employees. So we get a lot of questions about how founders can and should manage these activities. Over time, we realized we had an opportunity to be more than a software company - that we could provide education to help our clients run their companies more effectively. 
So last year we launched the Shoobx Startup Series - a series of free panel discussions that featured "real-life stories from startup founders, investors, and community members". That series was really successful, but we still felt that we could do more. So we decided to launch an annual conference that would provide a lot of the education our clients were looking for in one action-packed day. 
2.  Who should attend?
Well, we purposefully named the event the Shoobx Drive Conference for Startups, because that's who our client base is, and that's who we're here to support. The conversations and educational sessions will be helpful to a range of companies, and we've been purposeful about addressing topics that are relevant to folks who are just starting out, up to those who are nearing a Series A financing. So for anyone who is launching a company, up through raising their first or second round of outside capital, the conference will be a great use of your time. 
3.  Can you highlight some of the speakers?
Definitely! We were so excited to get such a strong group of speakers lined up, and they'll be appearing in different formats - from fireside chats to panel discussions to speed networking sessions - which will allow each of them to showcase what they do best. 
We'll be kicking off the day with a conversation between Steve Papa, who was the founder and CEO of Endeca, and our founder and CEO Jason Furtado. Then we'll have panels on fundraising, building teams, and how companies can improve their relationships with their lawyers. Those sessions include Diane Hessan (C Space & Startup Institute), Eric Paley (Founder Collective), Melissa James (Tech Connection), Chase Garbarino (VentureApp), Michael Skok (Underscore), and more. And the investor sessions - where companies can apply to practice their pitch with investors or chat with them in a speed networking format - feature Nicole Stata (Boston Seed), Kent Bennett (Bessemer), and Sheila Narayan (Golden Seeds), and more. 
4.  What can attendees expect to learn?
We've been referring to the conference as "CEO School" around the office, and I have to say it's stuck. In essence, what we find working with our clients is that they often start companies because they're really good at something - whether they really understand how great software is created, or they have industry expertise in a certain area, or they're a super smart scientist - but no one has really stepped up and provided comprehensive education around how to run a company. So we want to touch on all the major elements of that - getting the team right, putting your best foot forward for fundraising, and having the company's operations be as efficient and orderly as possible. Our hope is that attendees walk away from the day saying "those were the conversations no one else is having, and I feel better equipped to run my company." Then we'll know we've had a good day. 
5.  It is going to be an action-packed day.  What are you most excited about?
There are two features of this conference that attendees wouldn't see at other events aimed at startups. First, we've brought in twelve really smart investors who will be sitting down with companies to give them one-on-one feedback about their business plans and pitches. These two sessions - called Perfect Your Pitch and Investor Speed Networking - are open to companies that apply here. We'll be notifying the teams that are chosen about a week before the conference so they'll have time to prepare. 
Second, we want to showcase how Shoobx is changing the way companies do things like fundraising, hiring employees and managing their equity. So several of our team members will be hosting sessions about how companies can best deploy Shoobx to make these processes more efficient, transparent and cost-effective. 
6.  Where, when and how do people get tickets?
All the details about the day are on our website at That page includes a description of all the sessions, a list of our speakers and investors, and the link to apply for the investor sessions. It also includes the link to our Eventbrite page where people can register, which is here
And of course, we want to make sure VentureFizz readers get special treatment because we're so excited that you, Keith, will be on the panel about team building, so we invite everyone to use the discount code "ShoobxFriend" for 25% off the ticket price!

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.

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