October 12, 2016

salesEQUITY: "Storytelling" Transforms Client Experience

salesEQUITY is a SaaS-based client engagement platform that enables organizations to transform undervalued accounts into trusted relationships. It measures, analyzes, and improves relationships to drive organic growth and retention. They create synergies across company culture lines.

Tom Cates, Chief Storyteller

​In two short years they have expanded their services around the globe. This has allowed salesEQUITY to enhance organizations with best practices from other divisions to boost efficiency and revenue.

We caught up with Tom Cates, Chief Client Officer to learn more about what makes salesEQUITY unique among client engagement platforms.

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JG: You bring two decades of customer-based strategy experience to salesEQUITY as the Founder and Chief Client Officer. You put your own spin on it and call yourself a Chief Storyteller though. Can you expand on why you see yourself that way?

TC: In so many ways, the science behind salesEQUITY – and frankly my two decades of work in this field – is based on storytelling. As human beings, we like stories. We like hearing them. We like telling them. We relate to them. But when I use the word story, I’m not talking about fairy tales; I’m talking about a communication model that works professionally and personally. Storytelling is the simplest, clearest, most effective form of communication between people. Consider a “great story”: it has people, actions, emotions. It draws the listener in and makes them care. A great story has a villain, and in business, the villain can be unproductive sales efforts, high costs, elusive growth, etc. A great storyteller finds the villain in every situation and helps the hero (the client) win. That’s what I love to do, and why I consider myself to be the “Chief Storyteller” at salesEQUITY.

Team gathering in one of their favorite work spaces

JG: What are the values you’ve built salesEQUITY on?  

TC: We’ve built salesEQUITY on the same values that we help our client’s build with their customers – Integrity, Competency, Recognition, Proactivity, Savvy and Chemistry. These six dimensions are what our client’s expect from us if we are to be their “Trusted Advisor,” and we expect these same six dimensions from each other as colleagues and teammates. We are each other’s internal Trusted Advisors.

JG: Corporate culture is a factor job seekers strongly consider in today’s market. As your company approaches its 2nd anniversary, how has the team culture evolved since launching early last year? 

TC: Our corporate culture has evolved over time, and yet stayed the same in many ways. The six dimensions I mentioned above are integral to our culture – as I like to say “we cannot, not deliver for our clients.” Thus far, we’ve done a great job of hiring people who believe in our mission, have a service attitude and who enjoy having fun working on exciting challenges with great people. As we continue to grow, we will defend and enhance that culture.

JG: Is the team active and involved in the Boston tech community? Do you host or plan to host any events? 

Monkeying around on the swings during a team meeting

TC: Yes, having offices both in the suburbs and at WeWork South Station in Boston gives us the ability to participate in and host events. We attended the TechCrunch Meetup + Pitch-Off in Boston earlier this year, and just last week hosted a “Best Ice Cream” challenge at our Acton space (picture a freezer full of pints!) My son and I have been on a quest to make the perfect vanilla ice cream, so I entered our own pint in the blind taste test. We tied for first (perhaps a little CEO bias J).

JG: What types of activities are employees are involved in at or outside the office?

TC: Perhaps our greatest asset is our people and their varied interests. From cooking, to politics, to coaching youth sports, our team’s interests and activities run the gamut.

JG: Do you offer any unique benefits or perks? What’s on tap or in your fridge? 

TC: Coffee, coffee and more coffee. At our Acton HQ, we have a fantastic outdoor patio with comfy chairs, tables and a BBQ for working and enjoying each other’s company outside.

JG: Finish this sentence: I love working at salesEQUITY because…

Lindsay Kalmakis, Director of Customer Success. 


“Every day is an opportunity for me to grow and innovate while helping to shape new technologies and best practices in the critical client engagement analytics and coaching space. At salesEQUITY , we have the opportunity to affect real change in our client’s business relationships, and it’s thrilling to be on this journey with such a passionate team.”

Lindsay Kalmakis, Director of Customer Success

Seth Puri, Director of Sales & Business Development

“Not only is the product great and truly helps organizations retain and grow their existing client relationships, but everyone here is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. We work hard and play hard. There are no egos here at salesEQUITY. I'm excited to be here, and even more excited to see where the road takes us!”

Seth Puri, Director of Sales & Business Development


Jill Gregoriou is the Customer Success Manager at VentureFizz. Follow her on Twitter: @JillGregoriou

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