Product Feature: Cuseum

Earlier this month Cuseum, a startup focused on mobile technology for the art and cultural sector, announced it closed a seed investment of $1.2 million.  

Investors in this round included Foundry Group’s FG Angels, Atlas Venture’s Boston Syndicates, Seavest Capital Partners, Drummond Road Capital, and New Gen Partners. Several  angel investors were involved in the round as well, including Paul English, Joshua Schachter, Deborah Ellinger, Wayne Chang, Colin Angle, Nicole Stata, David Chang, Jit Saxena and others. 

Cuseum was founded by Brendan Ciecko, who, when asked about the origin of his idea, told me: 

Brendan Ciecko Cuseum“As a designer, technologist, and entrepreneur I wanted to find a way to bring new mobile technologies to the museum realm. I initially started working on a concept to develop a platform for museums to power mobile apps, with a major emphasis on location awareness, social interaction, and data analytics. During this exploration there were many discussion with museums and many sparks that flew, but when Apple announced iBeacon, it was clear that I needed to build Cuseum.” 

In order to make the full transition into Cuseum, Ciecko left his previous company, Ten Minute Media, applied to Unpitch, where he received positive feedback. Soon after, he raised his first round and was off and running with Cuseum.


What is Cuseum? 

Cuseum is a technology partner to museums, galleries, and cultural institutions. They power mobile apps that serve as the visitors’ “passport,” creating a compelling way to experience, learn and engage with the art around them. The platform seamlessly connects the physical objects to digital content and social sharing. There is boundless potential for delivering mobile experiences at museums and within the art world. 


What Problem is Cuseum Solving?

Museums are looking for new ways to engage their visitors and stay relevant to their patrons through digital experiences. For most museums, to build a unique mobile app is cost prohibitive and too time consuming. 


How does Cuseum Solve this Problem? 

Cuseum provides museums with a suite of tools to actively engage their visitors through mobile technology.

On the museum-side, the platform includes an easy-to-use content management system, app customization tools, beacon support, and analytics. With beacon support, Cuseum can push proximity-based content. The analytics features give museums access to a wide array of data, such as object impressions, engagement times, and spatial insights, to better understand and serve their visitors.


For the visitor, the apps provide a personalized experience, engaging content, and the ability to comment, share, and bookmark their favorite works of art. Providing a new forum for discussion deepens the visitor’s connection to the museum’s collection.


Current Availability

Cuseum is working closely with a number of major institutions and will be launching their apps very soon. Stay tuned!

                                                          Cuseum App

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