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PrismHR Provides Human Resource Outsourcers with An Ideal Software Solution

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PrismHR is a Hopkinton-based software company that was founded a little over 30 years ago, but has always been involved in the human resources space. Their software is used by more than 88,000 organizations and 2.2 million worksite employees.

We connected with Gary Noke, PrismHR’s President and CEO, to learn more about the technology’s company and who some of their clients are. Noke also touched upon what the company culture is like at their offices.

Also, PrismHR is hiring! Click here for all of the company’s job openings!

Gary Noke
Gary Noke, President and CEO of PrismHR

To start off, I’d like to learn more about your background. What were you doing leading up to your time at PrismHR?

I joined PrismHR over six years ago from Bullhorn, where I was VP of Global Corporate Sales, and have spent the bulk of my time in HRtech and SaaS companies. My time at PrismHR has been phenomenal and marked by fast growth, exciting technology, great customers, and some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. I’ve long been a believer that small and medium-sized businesses are critical to healthy communities and that’s just the audience we aim to serve.

Tell me the story of PrismHR evolved into the company it is today.

PrismHR has actually been around for some time. To make a long story short, we began as a consulting company and then got involved in payroll and HR software. We saw a big opportunity for software solutions that serve the Human Resource Outsourcer (HRO) market. We’ve been targeting the HRO market for some time and are the market leader. Now, we’re beginning to extend into other areas as well.

Who are your customers? Any examples you can offer?

Our customers are companies who deliver HR services, like payroll and benefits, to SMBs nationwide. In a nutshell, HROs reduce the administrative workload, improve compliance and free up time for SMBs so they can focus on their business objectives. HROs also provide SMBs access to world-class services and benefits that were once only available to enterprises.

Our software enables HROs to streamline the delivery of their offerings to their SMB clients, and it’s used by more than 250 HRO’s,  88,000 organizations and 2.2 million worksite employees. More than $57 billion in payroll is processed each year with our solution.

Locally, Burlington-based GenesisHR Solutions is a customer, as is Resource Management Inc. (RMI) in Fitchburg. On a national level, Paychex, via it’s acquisition of Oasis, has been a client for nearly two decades.

What are some of the cool things you’re working on right now at the company?

This is perhaps the most exciting time ever at PrismHR - there are so many great things happening. Technology-wise, we recently started a technology transformation project that our engineering team is heavily involved in, and that’s in addition to the work they’re doing on rolling out new features, functions and services. From a sales and marketing strategy perspective, we’re currently looking at new markets and service offerings, and we’re building out a demand generation engine to feed opportunities to our partners. We’re also aggressively expanding our PrismHR Marketplace and Insurance Alliance programs, where we partner with companies to offer pre-integrated, validated solutions from leading HR application providers.

Any growth numbers you can share?

We’re growing like crazy -- we’ve got approximately 250 employees now. This year alone we’ve hired 40 people so far and have 60 open positions. One of the things I’m most proud of is how we’re managing the company growth and hiring. We constantly solicit employee feedback and consistently get high marks in employee communication and engagement. We’re really committed to making PrismHR a great place to work.

What kind of positions are you hiring for right now?

We’re really ramping up across the whole organization. In marketing, we’re building a whole new demand gen engine so there are several positions that relate to that. In engineering, we’re recruiting for everything from software architects to software engineers and infrastructure engineers and QA. Our customer success and sales teams are also growing and we have openings across the US, but the majority of our positions are in Hopkinton and some are in our Sarasota office.

What’s the company culture like at PrismHR?

We’re really proud of our company culture at PrismHR. We’re smart, customer-focused and passionate about growing our business and helping our customers grow theirs as well. We also respect work/life balance and have a really fun environment. We have a very active Culture and Engagement Committee who plan events several times a month that are centered around making PrismHR a great place to work and they also drive much of the charitable work we do as a company and as a team.

Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that we have a dog-friendly office. Employees often bring their dogs in a couple of times a week or more, and honestly, they’ve become part of the team.

Any final thoughts / announcements?

I’m really excited about the next phase of PrismHR. There’s a lot of opportunity in the HRtech market and we’re really poised for fast growth. It’s a great place to be.

Keith Cline is the Founder of VentureFizz.  Follow him on Twitter: @kcline6.

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