August 22, 2017

PillPack Office Tour in Somerville

PillPack is disrupting the pharmacy experience by delivering a patient’s medication through convenient packaging, modern technology, and a personalized service.

Founded in 2013 by the co-founding team of TJ Parker and Elliot Cohen, PillPack has raised $118M in funding and has become one of the most well-known startups in the Boston tech scene. 

PillPack's main pharmacy and distribution facility is based in Manchester, NH. However, the company's headquarters are located in Somerville. From the moment you walk into the reception area, you will find a very welcoming and homelike feel. The kitchen area is amazing, plus the pool table with the stylish bar in the background could be one of the nicest that we've ever seen. 

A strong design sense has always been core to the company, even going back to the early days when they launched their innovative packaging for patients who need to manage multiple medications. This way of thinking has certainly translated over to the elegant design of their offices. Take the tour in the slideshow below.

Also, PillPack is hiring! Check out their BIZZpage for all the company’s openings!