October 15, 2013

Pearson Teams Up with LearnLaunch, Exponential TechSpace, LearnLaunchX to Make Boston Center of EdTech World

In some big news out of the Boston EdTech space today, Pearson, which has a huge presence in Boston (and might be one of the biggest learning/education companies in the world) announced a new strategic partnership with the Exponential TechSpace, LearnLaunch, and LearnLaunchX.

The news is huge for a lot of key Boston EdTech folks, including, Hakan Satiroglu who developed the idea of creating a downtown space for the Boston EdTech community to flourish with the Exponential TechSpace; Marissa Lowman, who founded the EdTechUp and then later help start LearnLaunch; Jean Hammond and Eileen Rudden, Boston tech industry legends who helped Lowman start LearnLaunch, and later LearnLaunchX; and Mark Miller and Vinit Najawan, who joined Satiroglu, Rudden, and Hammond in making the LearnLaunchX incubator a reality.

The partnership will create new innovative relationships and opportunities for collaboration between Pearson and the groups that have become the heart of Boston’s entrepreneurial edtech community. In the end, the real winner of the partnership may be the education community as a whole who will benefit from the Pearson/LearnLaunch/Exponential partnership that has tackling some of the biggest challenges in education as its main objective.

Here are some of the details of the partnership from the press release:

- Pearson employees will provide mentorship to the startups at LearnLaunchX and have the ability to work with the companies at both Exponential and LearnLaunchX.  

- Pearson will also provide product guidance and market information to edtech innovators, and participate in LearnLaunch meetups and its annual conference.

- LearnLaunchX companies focused on K-12 will have the opportunity to join Pearson’s rapidly growing partner community of independent software vendors. This program provides technical and marketing support through integration with PowerSchool (Pearson’s web-based student information system).

As Satiroglu explained, “We are thrilled to have Pearson demonstrate their strong support for the emerging edtech ecosystem in Boston through this partnership.  Promising edtech startups need the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders like Pearson.” 

 “Pearson has demonstrated a commitment to support innovation and to the educational future of this country by embracing change in learning systems,” said Jean Hammond. “We welcome their support in encouraging the innovation coming from Boston’s edtech entrepreneurs.”

Diana Stepner, Head of Future Technologies at Pearson, added “At Pearson, we believe that technology has the power to transform education, but also recognize that the industry faces some big challenges that we can't tackle alone.”

“That's why we're excited to be teaming up with Exponential and LearnLaunch - key players in the Boston edtech community - to share our deep knowledge of the education industry with startups on campus, while also learning from their dynamic, fast-paced cultures.”

Dennis Keohane is a staff writer for VentureFizz. You can follow Dennis on Twitter (@DBKeohane) by clicking here.