November 28, 2017

One Door Office Tour in Boston

One Door has created software designed for one vital part of the omnichannel experience for merchandise and retail: creating customer experiences in a physical store. Their Merchandising Cloud application combines promotions and merchandising with store information to supply a creative plan for each location.

You can read more about One Door from our profile that was published earlier this year on VentureFizz.

The company's penthouse office overlooks the scenic Seaport District. Once you take your gaze away from the view, you'll notice One Door gives off a "mill building loft" vibe, with exposed brick. Climbing up the spiral staircase in the main room gives another view of One Door's headquarters, overseeing where the employees mingle and eat with each other. Take the tour in the slideshow below!

Also, One Door is hiring! Check out their BIZZpage for all the company's openings!

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