December 6, 2015

Mobile App Buttery Brings the Power of Analytics to Alcohol Delivery

Whether you are looking for a rare scotch whisky as a holiday gift or some Peppermint Schnapps to spike your hot chocolate, alcohol delivery app Buttery makes it easy to browse, shop, and purchase your favorite spirits from local stores without having to battle the holiday crowds. 

Buttery founders, beer lovers and friends Gaurav Mehta and Gaurav Tanna, recognized liquor retailers in the United States are facing tough competition with big box stores and are struggling to gain an online presence. Smaller, local liquor stores do not have a solution to get their products available online, nor a big marketing budget to enable them to reach new customers. “We wondered how we could help the retailers get on mobile and online in the quickest possible manner,” explained Mehta. “We realize they don’t have the time to manage their websites and apps, so we wanted to make an app that provided a cohesive, Amazon-like experience.” 

Buttery, an app named after olden times wine and whisky cellars, provides a solution for both liquor stores seeking an online presence and thirsty customers who do not want the hassle of trekking to the liquor store. 

In addition to searching by product, customers are able to shop by store and take advantage of special deals and discounts (a feature that competing alcohol delivery apps such as Drizly do not feature). The customer can then select and purchase the product directly on the app, and have it delivered to them by the liquor store. IDs are checked upon delivery by the liquor store staff using mobile ID-scanning technology. “The consumer has total freedom with Buttery,” said Mehta. “A customer can choose a store based on proximity, price, and product selection and browse the store’s full catalog. Or, if they are looking for a specific product, they can search by item.” 

Buttery App Screenshots

In addition to the convenience it offers customers, Buttery is bringing analytics to retailers: weekly dashboards are generated for retailers, providing insight into what’s selling, where it’s selling, and the store’s current inventory. For many small retailers who do not have neither the time nor staff to collect and analyze inventory data, this free service is invaluable. For most small liquor stores, the staff simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to keep these analytics themselves. “It’s a good start for stores in terms of an analytics perspective and allows them to better track what’s selling,” said Tanna. 

Buttery Analytics Dashboard Screenshot

The founding duo met in high school in Mumbai before moving to the United States to pursue their education and careers.  “I consider myself pretty lucky to have found someone that I’m close enough to work together,” said Mehta. “Sometimes it’s tough, but we’ve really learned how to collaborate and challenge each other.” As a Boston University alumnus, Tanna has been able to take advantage of the coworking space and resources at Buzz Lab. “It’s a great place to collaborate and exchange ideas,” he said. “It’s also right in the heart of Kenmore Square, so it’s a great way to reach retailers and talk to customers.”

Sarah Urbonas is a student at Northeastern University and a Contributor for VentureFizz. You can follow Sarah on Twitter @SUrbonas.